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Use these study captions for Instagram.

48 Insta Captions For Studying At Home And Snapping Shelfies

Sorry, this weekend is all booked.

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Some people are born to crack open the books and get studying. And congratulations to them. But for a good many, scrolling on TikTok sounds much more appealing than thumbing through chapter upon chapter of mandatory reading materials. Whichever category you fall under — or maybe you’re somewhere in between — staying on top of your assignments is easier when you've got a workspace you adore, and if it's picture-perfect, you'll need some studying captions for Instagram to go along with your favorite pens and highlighters. If your current desk at home is seriously lacking, this is your chance to give your space a total makeover and start fresh.

Some people like to study at their favorite coffee shop. If that's you, recreate that vibe in your kitchen or backyard with a delicious cup of coffee in a cool mug and a chill pop playlist that totally sets the vibe. To get the campus library feel, make sure you have shelves to keep all your books in order. Organize them by title, or for something extra Insta-worthy, color-coordinate them. Then, add school spirit to your walls with campus artwork and banners. The studying captions are practically writing themselves.

Create a cozy space with a ton of vibrant lumbar cushions, or a modern WFH setup your friends will be jealous of with houseplants galore. Once you've got the perfect setting, you're ready to snap a studying selfie before diving into your to-do list. These 48 study captions will help you post and get right back to the books in no time.

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  1. "Work hard and make it happen."
  2. "Do you comma here often?"
  3. "This year, owl study hard and do my absolute best."
  4. "I'm all booked up."
  5. "Feeling like a real cute-tea reading this book."
  6. "Hard work always pays off."
  7. "Today, I decided to get sh*t done."
  8. "Feeling like a boss."
  9. "Let me check my planner."
  10. "I'll pencil you in."
  11. "Welcome to my library."
  12. "Just trying to be the hardest working person I know."
  13. "A messy bun and espresso kind of day."
  14. "A goal without a plan is just a wish." — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  15. "My weekend is all booked."
  16. "Welcome to my fave café to study in: my bedroom."
  17. "Took a cute shelfie on my coffee break."
  18. "Thanks a latte to everyone who said this assignment would be easy."
  19. "With a dreamy, far-off look, and her nose stuck in a book." — Beauty and the Beast
  20. "Making my dreams come true."
  21. "Studying is a lot easier to do with my best friend, coffee."
  22. "When I've got highlighters in hand, you know it's time to get serious about studying."
  23. "Booking it to the backyard."
  24. "Taking notes is way more fun when you've got colorful pens."
  25. "Every college student knows the importance of 11:59 p.m."
  26. "Dear Degree, why you playing so hard to get?"
  27. "Daydreaming."
  28. "I study today so tomorrow I can party."
  29. "This is what a study break looks like."
  30. "You really do learn something new every day."
  31. "Staying motivated and studying hard."
  32. "Pop quizzes got nothing on me."
  33. "Study like there's a test on Monday."
  34. "Studying a latte."
  35. "Studying like I'm Elle Woods at Harvard."
  36. "What, like it's hard?" — Legally Blonde
  37. "Starting the school year right."
  38. "Books on books."
  39. "Studying with the best."
  40. "Having a stu-pen-dous time studying."
  41. “To-do list: Stay awake.”
  42. “Study hair, don’t care.”
  43. “Study like a Granger.”
  44. “Keep calm and study on.”
  45. “Today I’m 90% coffee and 10% dry shampoo.”
  46. “I believe ‘studying’ was derived from ‘students dying’.”
  47. “Studying is interesting, said no one ever.”
  48. “I don’t always study, but when I do, I make sure my parents see me.”

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