Netflix's 'Outer Banks' Is full Of chill music

The 'Outer Banks' Soundtrack Is About To Be Your New Good-Vibes Playlist


Whether you're dreaming of getting into Pogue-level mischief or simply lounging in a Kook castle, the Outer Banks lifestyle is the epitome of chill times (minus all of the class tension and murder, of course). While the suntans and surfing skills help, it's the music that really sets the vibe on the show. When you take a second to focus on something other than the ridiculously attractive cast, you'll realize the Outer Banks Season 1 soundtrack seriously slaps, and you're going to want to add it to your Spotify favorites ASAP.

It makes sense the music would be on point, because pretty much every other aspect of the show is, too. Following a group of adventure-seeking teens, Outer Banks is the ideal mix of romance, mystery, and endless summer vibes. As John B. (Chase Stokes) says in the very first episode, "Our mission this summer is to have a good time, all the time." While fans might not be able to take a trip to OBX (aka the barrier islands off North Carolina's coast), the soundtrack is the perfect way to soak up some of that easygoing energy. Blast it while lounging on your balcony, riding your bike, or just having a picnic in your living room.

Though risky treasure hunts might be off the table, having a zest for life like John B., Kiara, JJ, and Pope is absolutely within reach thanks to this Pogue-worthy playlist.

Here's a list of the songs played throughout Outer Banks Season 1:

  1. "Left Hand Free" by alt-J
  2. "The Bastard" by Whitefield Brothers
  3. "The Infamous Bill" by Khruangbin
  4. "Up Up" by Sandollar
  5. "Maria También" by Khruangbin
  6. "High School Lover" by Cayucas
  7. "Lingua (feat. Stylo G)" by Sub Focus
  8. "Fimmi Gyal" (Radio Edit) by Stylo G
  9. "Hold Me" by The Teskey Brothers
  10. "It’s All In Your Head" by The Shivas
  11. "Legalize" by Will Thomas
  12. "Marsh Land" by Will Thomas
  13. "Sisters & Brothers" by Khruangbin
  14. "The Number 4" by Khruangbin
  15. "Someday Soon" by Harlem
  16. "Unholy Water" (feat. Chase Perryman) by John Pearson
  17. "You've Got the Heat" by Luster
  18. "Show Me The Next Door" by The Mango Furs
  19. "Flirt" (Maker Remix) byMaker ft. Roc C
  20. "Every Bad Habit" by Mickey Lamantia
  21. "Zoo Talk" by Mmuso x Claude Money feat. Hendo Houdini
  22. "Already Did" by JF
  23. "CMI27738 Like It Like It" by Wes Writer
  24. "Billy Jean" by Ro$$ Mac
  25. "Sex & Drugs" by A Giant Dog
  26. "It's Never Enough" by Audiodub
  27. "Itotiani" by Chicano Batman
  28. "Evan Finds the Third Room" by Khruangbin
  29. "Summer" by Skinshape
  30. "Populonia" by Mattiel
  31. "Draco" by BBG Baby Joe
  32. "Gotta Go" by Kilgore
  33. "Borrowed World" by Widowspeak
  34. "Continents" by Hembree
  35. "Rules" by Khruangbin
  36. "The W.A.N.D." by The Flaming Lips
  37. "December" by Killimanjaro
  38. "La Danza de Los Mirlos" by Los Mirlos
  39. "Move Over, I'll Drive" by Will Thomas
  40. "People Everywhere" (Still Alive) by Khruangbin
  41. "Megaton Mile" by Local Natives
  42. "Never Gonna Let You Go" by Michael Miglio
  43. "Steal Away" by Robbie Dupree
  44. "I Can't Leave You" by Destinations
  45. "Beautiful Day" by Spider Harrison
  46. "198" by Hundred Visions
  47. "Goin' On" by iiGotProductOfficial
  48. "Pity" by Royal Headache
  49. "How I Love" by Khruangbin
  50. "Lust for Hearts" by Modern Pantheist
  51. "Master of Life" by Khruangbin
  52. "Yakuba" by Whitefield Brothers
  53. "Police On My Back" by The Clash
  54. "Anywhere In Glory" by Mighty Indiana Travelers
  55. "Half a Mile" by Elenowen
  56. "The Raft" by Fat Freddie's Drop
  57. "Winter Song" by Heliocentrics
  58. "What's Her Name" by Lemy
  59. "Version" by Jah Levi & The Higher Reasoning
  60. "Paid In Full" by Eric B. & Rakim
  61. "I'm A Hustla" by Black Oshin
  62. "Safe From Love" by The Belle Sounds
  63. "Trouble" by Cage The Elephant
  64. "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" (Single Version) by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

Though there's no news on a Season 2 yet, here's to hoping Netflix brings back Outer Banks, if only for more awesome tunes.

Outer Banks is now streaming on Netflix.