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The Spiritual Meaning Of The January 2023 New Moon Encourages Upheaval

Time to embrace your inner genius.

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Capricorn season may have been all about that boss energy, but as Aquarius season gets underway, you’re finally being liberated from the rules and structures that have kept you tightly wound. As the first new moon of 2023 prepares to take place you’ll be actively carving out new ways of showing up authentically — even if you have to break a rule or two in the process. But instead of going along with tradition because it’s how things have always been done, this season is prompting you to dance to the beat of your own unique drum. While other people may not exactly be a fan of the music, the spiritual meaning of the January 2023 new moon is all about creating a lane for your unfiltered self — so feel free to take up as much space as you need.

Taking place on Jan. 21, this month’s new moon is about brainstorming eccentric, refreshing ideas, even if they’re not in their final stages just yet. Since Aquarius shares a planetary ruler (Saturn) with Capricorn, there’s an appreciation for the systems, structures, and powers that be. But Aquarius is a fixed, air sign that’s more interested in exploring new concepts than impulsively taking action, so don’t worry too much if you’re not ready to hit the ground running. Instead, use this new moon as an opportunity to toy with viewpoints you haven’t yet explored, no matter how far-fetched they sound.

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When Is The January 2023 New Moon?

On Jan. 21, 2023 at 3:53 PM EST, the sun and moon will conjoin at 1 degree in the sign of Aquarius, bringing forth new beginnings in the birth charts of each zodiac sign. New moons typically occur once every month, and they offer a time to turn over a new leaf, specifically in the house of your birth chart that contains the lunar event. Whether or not you have planets in this fixed, air sign, its energy sits in one of the twelve houses of your birth chart, which means that you’re bound to feel the disruptive, unpredictable energy of this new moon in at least one area of your life. The house in your birth chart that contains Aquarius is where you seek to embrace detached, unorthodox perspectives, and this lunar event is the perfect time to act on those ideals. Don’t worry about doing things by the book now — the primary focus of this new moon is to radicalize parts of your life that have felt stagnant and dull for too long.

A major theme of Aquarius energy is feeling ostracized or distant from others, since thinking outside the box can sometimes cause you to feel rejected by your community. This new moon is the perfect time to seek connections that allow you to feel seen and heard rather than misunderstood, so if you’ve been eager to find a supportive collective, don’t hesitate to socialize. There’s strength in numbers, and since Aquarius is a sign far less about independent recognition, it’s a good time to partner with a network or organization that can help to project your message. This doesn’t mean hide from the limelight, though. You deserve to be appreciated for that big, brilliant brain of yours, so don’t be afraid to show it off — even if it makes others uncomfortable.