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Sagittarius Season Will Be Full Of Exciting New Adventures For 3 Zodiac Signs

Scorpio season who?

Sagittarius season is a time for adventure. As a mutable fire sign, the energy is expansive, hopeful, and it almost feels like just about anything is possible. As a Jupiter-ruled sign, Sagittarius is all about gradual growth, and the beauty that comes with experiencing new things. Now that Jupiter’s no longer retrograde and Scorpio season has come to an end, this energy will be much easier to harness, especially for the three lucky zodiac signs who will have the best Sagittarius season 2021: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius (aka fire signs). The fire signs have one major thing in common, and that’s energy. Each of them is always eager to push things forward in their own unique way, and Sagittarius season will be on their side in traditional Jupiter-like fashion to support making that happen.

If you’ve ever come in contact with a Sagittarius, you’ve probably noticed their happy-go-lucky attitude. They tend to approach situations with a very positive outlook, assuming that things will just happen to work out in their favor — and the funny thing is, they’re usually right. The good thing for the rest of us is that, despite not being blessed with this energy natally, everyone gets to experience a bit of this energy during Sagittarius season — but the true lucky ones are Aries, Leo, and of course, Sagittarius itself. Here’s what each of these fire signs can expect starting Nov. 21:

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As the assertive first sign of the zodiac, you tend to create your own luck, and Sagittarius season is fully supporting you as the sun makes its way through your ninth house of travel and spirituality. If there’s a trip you’ve been eager to take, the stars will definitely align long enough for you to take the leap, even if it’s a little spontaneous. You tend to soak up a lot of new and exciting experiences during Sagittarius season, so allow yourself to go wherever the wind wants to take you. Be sure to remember that many of the best experiences to be had involve the people you care about, so don’t feel like you have to go on this exciting new adventure on your own. Cast your net far and wide. You’ll be elated to see what your next exciting journey has to offer.


As the fixed fire sign of the group, you like to be in the driver’s seat of all your own endeavors, but as the sun makes its way through your fifth house of pleasure and creativity, you’ll be eager to lean into the ebbs and flows that Sagittarius season has to offer in the area of self-expression. As a sun-ruled zodiac sign, you’re all about shining your light as brightly as possible, and now is the perfect time to channel that energy into your creative outlets (and you’ve even got a bit of luck on your side to help out). Really allow yourself to let loose. Expression is supposed to be liberating, whether another person understands it or not. This is the ideal time to let your hair down and not be influenced by what other people think.


It’s your season, Sagittarius, and that means that all eyes are on you. As the sun makes its way through your first house of self, you’ll be feeling like your lucky self again, and it’ll be incredibly easy for you to step into your purpose. While Scorpio season has a tendency to make things a bit murky for you, you’re stepping into a renewed period, and the solar eclipse in Sagittarius on Dec. 4 will further launch you into an exciting new chapter. Be sure to lean into your freedom now and spread your wings, it’s time for you to get out there and make some new memories.