One of June 2022's 4 retrograde planets.

What Planets Are Retrograde June 2022? More Than You Might Think

We haven't had this many planets retrograde at once since 2021.

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Overall, June will actually be a pretty quiet month compared to the last two, but we’re not completely in the clear just yet. In June 2022, there will be three planets retrograde at one point — but the good thing is, one of them will be ending very early in the month. Retrograde periods are a time to review, reflect, and reassess, and while they can sometimes make things feel a bit confusing, they do actually serve an important purpose. Every astro planet (except for the sun and the moon) retrogrades at some point, making it a pretty common occurrence for the cosmos, so not to worry — you’ve lived through plenty.

What Planets Will Be Retrograde During June 2022?

Mercury will be retrograde in the fixed earth sign of Taurus for the first few days of June, but will be stationing direct on June 3, so you can let out a sigh of relief. Mercury retrograde initially began back on May 10, and will finally be coming to a close right as the month begins, bringing an end to miscommunication, delayed plans, and uncertainty when it comes to pushing new ideas forward. While Mercury will still be in its post shadow phase until around June 17, the common issues this planet’s retrograde tends to bring up will definitely be minimal now.

In addition to Mercury rx, Saturn will be stationing retrograde in the fixed air sign of Aquarius on June 4, bringing some revisions to the planet of boundaries and limitations. Saturn retrogrades tend to last a lot longer than Mercury retrogrades, which means that the effects of this retrograde aren’t always immediately noticeable. The good thing is, this is a time where you’ll be able to re-evaluate the boundaries in your life to ensure that they’re in perfect alignment with you are now — especially since Saturn hasn’t been retrograde since October 2021.

The final planet to station retrograde in June will be Neptune, the planet of illusion and uncertainty. Since this is an outer planet (meaning that it’s farther away from earth), its retrograde cycle isn’t always incredibly apparent, but it will bring some haziness to the Pisces-ruled house in your birth chart from June 28 until Dec. 3. Since this retrograde period is much longer than others, the effects are sure to be pretty slow, but you may still notice them, especially if you have Pisces planets between 22 and 25 degrees.

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What To Expect From The June 2022 Retrograde Planets

Mercury Retrograde (May 10 to June 3)

Mercury retrograde is coming to an end this month after retrograding through Gemini and Taurus since May 10. Stationing direct in Taurus, communicating and processing ideas will be far more slow and deliberate than it was last month, but this offers you a chance to sit with any newfound information you’ve obtained over the last three weeks. While Mercury will still be in its post-shadow phase until June 17, this is a time where Mercury will gradually be picking up speed again — allowing you to slowly but surely push things forward in a stable, deliberate manner.

Saturn Retrograde (June 4 to Oct. 22)

On June 4, Saturn, the planet of limits, structures, and boundaries will station retrograde in the fixed, air territory of Aquarius. This is a sign all about innovation and finding new ways to approach tradition, so during this retrograde period you may be called to embrace boundaries in a new and unconventional way. It’ll be beneficial to check where Aquarius falls in one of the twelve house present in your birth chart to fully understand where you’ve been upholding boundaries, but since this is a fixed sign, don’t expect these changes to occur overnight. Aquarius is a sign all about brainstorming ideas, but it’s oftentimes difficult to make sudden changes here. Not to worry, though, because the retrograde energy is sure to invite a more fluid, changeable energy into this area of your life.

Since Saturn does govern over the rules and responsibilities we uphold for ourselves and others, you may find that this retrograde may be the start of a more unruly period for you. It’s a great time to consider how the current boundaries you’ve adhered to have been supporting you, or potentially hindering you. This is a time to be kind to yourself, so try not to take yourself too seriously — rules can be changed.

Neptune Retrograde (June 28 to Dec. 3)

As the planet of confusion and fantasy stations retrograde on June 28, you may find that it becomes a bit more challenging to see things for what they really are — especially in the area of your birth chart where Pisces lies. Since this retrograde is taking place in a zodiac sign that is already pretty imaginative and fluid, it will be a time where it may be a challenge to tell the difference between reality and illusion. The good thing about outer planet retrogrades though is that they don’t typically affect us as much on a personal level, and since they occur over an extended period of time, the effects are pretty slow. Either way, it’s a good time to remember that if something seems too good to be true, it actually might be — but at the same time, be sure to still allow yourself to dream big. This energy is good for manifestation, and can really allow you to transcend your reality in order to envision what’s really possible.

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