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There Could Actually Be An Astrological Reason Why You Have Nothing In Common With Someone

Not feeling the vibe? Maybe a quincunx is to blame.

Thais Varela/Stocksy

Once you start delving deep into the labyrinth of astrology, you begin to realize that it’s so much more than the zodiac signs. There are planets to account for, and boy, these planets have a lot of influence over not only your birth chart, but also what’s currently going on in astrology. These planets form aspects with other planets, continually challenging, supporting, and frustrating each other and creating new energy in the process. Some of these aspects are more popularly known, such as the conjunction, the trine, the square, the sextile, and the opposition. But those just scratch the surface, because have you ever heard of something called a quincunx in astrology?

This unbelievably strange sounding word denotes an aspect that may sound unimportant, but it’s actually responsible for so much of the awkwardness that exists in the sky. But before we get into its impact, let’s talk about what it actually is. A quincunx, which is can also be called “inconjunct,” takes place between two planets that are forming a 150 degree angle in the zodiac (or are five signs apart from each other).

The word “inconjunct” is a pretty big key to understanding the definition of a quincunx. After all, inconjunct is basically the antonym of the word “conjunct,” and in astrology, one planet is conjunct another when they’re in the same zodiac sign, sitting right on top of each other in the same degree. A conjunction means these two planets are blending their energies, essentially becoming one big super planet as they exude energy in the same zodiac sign. So, where does that leave us when two planets (or zodiac signs) are inconjunct each other?


What Is A Quincunx?

When two planets sit 150 degrees away from each other (or five zodiac signs apart), it essentially means they have nothing in common with each other. It also means these planets are forming a quincunx. When a quincunx is radiating through the sky, it can feel uncomfortable and weird, like an itch you just can’t scratch. You may feel like the creative juices just aren’t flowing. You might even feel like you can’t manage to say a sentence without stumbling over your words. All in all, it can just feel like something is off.

A quincunx can basically be thought of as a brand new modern home made of tall glass windows, solar panels, and concrete blocks. However, in this home, the living room filled with Victorian antiques, damask wallpaper, old gas lamps, and Renaissance portraits. It makes no sense at all. And who designed this mismatched home? A quincunx did, of course.

A quincunx can also explain why you might have absolutely nothing in common with someone. If you’re a Virgo and you’ve just never been able to vibe with an Aries, you can blame it on the fact that Virgo and Aries form a quincunx with each other. Sitting five zodiac signs apart from each other, these zodiac signs have very little (if anything) to talk about. Virgo is a mutable earth sign and Aries is a cardinal fire sign. While Virgo prefers to plan ahead and get the details in advance, Aries would rather go with their guts and jump on whatever opportunity comes their way. While Virgo would rather play a game of chess, Aries would rather shout into the mic at karaoke. What’s at place here? A quincunx, that’s what.