While Aries and Virgo might have almost nothing in common, they can have a compatible friendship if ...

4 Reasons A Virgo-Aries Friendship Means Embracing Each Other’s Differences

After all, these zodiac signs are nothing alike.


Once astrology captures your interest, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up spending hours studying your birth chart and analyzing each and every astrological placement. Once you’ve sufficiently dissected your own cosmic fingerprint, it’s natural to begin investigating those of your ex, your lover, and of course, your best friend. You might even find yourself wondering whether your zodiac sign is truly compatible with your BFF’s and whether it could explain while you guys click (or why you guys are no longer getting along). If you’re involved in an Aries-Virgo friendship, let’s talk about what makes your compatibility tick.

First and foremost, keep in mind that Aries and Virgo are not zodiac signs you would expect to see together as friends. After all, Aries is a flashy, intense, and courageous fire sign while Virgo is an organized, methodical, and calculating earth sign. Their differences couldn’t be more pronounced, and there’s an astrological reason for this immense contrast.

These two zodiac signs are inconjunct, and together, they form something called a “quincunx,” which means Aries and Virgo sit around 150 degrees away from each other (or five signs apart). When two zodiac signs form a quincunx, it essentially means they have very little, if not nothing, in common. There’s an awkwardness to this relationship and an innate weirdness that makes it totally surprising when you see it.

However, just because these two zodiac sign might be inconjunct doesn’t mean there’s a lot to be gained from their friendship. After all, when two people with nothing in common come together, they’re bound to learn a lot from each other.


Virgo And Aries Become Super Passionate About Things They Care About

When a Virgo and an Aries are fans of the same topic, you can be damn sure they’ll be able to bond over it for hours. Both of these zodiac signs have a tendency to become totally consumed by a subject, and their passion is over the top. While Virgo loves dissecting all the details, analyzing the subject for deeper meanings, and searching for answers, Aries brands themselves as a super fan and gets pumped about it by telling everyone they love about it.

These Zodiac Signs Can Overwhelm (And Underwhelm) Each Other At Times

On the other hand, Aries and Virgo can find each other totally irritating at times. After all, Aries has the tendency to be bold, loud, and unapologetically competitive, which could sometimes feel like way too much intensity for a sensitive and thoughtful Virgo. Adversely, Virgo tends to be prefer to solve methodical puzzles and gives off a more grounded vibe, which could feel too slow-moving for an unstoppable Aries. Either one of them could find the other dull after a while.

Virgo Loves To Keep Things Clean While Aries Loves Making A Mess

Take a look at the bedroom of an Aries and the bedroom of a Virgo. Chances are, the Aries uses way too many colors, has way too much stuff, and probably didn’t make their bed that morning. On the other hand, every detail of Virgo’s bedroom has probably been overthought, the colors are more muted, and the whole room is so clean you could literally eat food off of the floor. At times, these contrasting lifestyles might feel confounding to both of these zodiac signs.

Aries Can Teach Virgo To Take Risks While Virgo Can Teach Aries To Lay Down Roots

When an Aries and a Virgo crash-land into each other’s life, they can feel like aliens in uncharted territory. However, as they explore their friendship, they may realize there’s much to learn. After all, Aries can teach Virgo to get out of their own head and embrace a little spontaneity while Virgo can teach Aries to set aside their need for adrenaline-pumping activities and enjoy the little things in life.