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You Can Rent Quentin’s Villa Where The White Lotus Was Filmed IRL

Live like Tanya McQuoid — minus the drama.

Fabio Lovino/HBO

After The White Lotus Episode 6, fans of the HBO series are on the edge of their seats wondering who’s going to make it out of Season 2 alive. Things aren’t looking good for Jennifer Coolidge’s character, and even TikTokers believe they have clues that Tanya will die in The White Lotus finale. The White Lotus theories really amped up after she found a photo of Greg in Quentin’s villa. Speaking of which, you can rent Quentin’s villa from The White Lotus for your own stay. Hopefully, your trip will be less surprising than Tanya’s.

As anyone who’s been following along knows, The White Lotus Season 2 was filmed in Italy earlier this year. The cast and crew spent most of their time staying at the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace, which was the White Lotus hotel IRL, and features the gorgeous infinity pool that many of the guests have lounged by. Day trips have also been a big thing this season. In Episode 3, Daphne (Meghann Fahy) and Harper (Aubrey Plaza) ditched their husbands to stay at a villa in Noto, Italy for the night. This gorgeous White Lotus filming location was actually in Palermo, Italy, which is where Quentin’s villa is supposed to be located. It looks like the Italian villas did a bit of a home swap, because Quentin’s villa is in Noto instead.

As confusing as that may be, you might as well visit both Noto and Palermo while in Sicily to check off both White Lotus locations from your wanderlust trip to Italy. While in Noto, you may want to rent out the White Lotus villa, but you’ll need a Tanya McQuoid-like budget to do it.

How To Stay In Quentin’s Villa From The White Lotus Season 2

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Quentin’s villa is actually Villa Elena from Jacques Garcia in Noto. The interior designer has four separate villas available to rent, and the villa used for The White Lotus is the most extravagant of the bunch. For the most “budget-friendly” villa, which has two bedrooms and a private pool, you’ll need to save over $10,500 for the week. The next two villas are the Maison des Oliviers with five bedrooms for over $21,000 a week and the Villa Livia with six bedrooms for over $23,100 a week.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to contact Jacques Garcia to know how much the Villa Elena costs for a week, but following this trend, it’s likely going to be around $25,000. That’s probably more than you spend in a year on rent. Since the villa has seven bedrooms, that’s about $255 a day if there are two people sleeping to a bed for the full week. When you break it down like that, it’s not terrible. However, if you consider yourself more a Portia than a Tanya money-wise, it’s going to cost you quite a bit.

There are amenities included, which slightly justify the hefty price tag. Each villa has concierge service, an Italian breakfast in-house, and WiFi. You could even recreate the breakfast scene from Episode 6 for a TikTok or Insta Reel. Extra services you can add on include cooking classes, guided tours of the city, massages, yoga lessons, and a limousine or helicopter transfer for the ultimate luxe vacay. The policy even states that you can bring along your pets for no extra charge.

Other White Lotus Filming Locations In Noto

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While you’re spending the week in Noto, you might as well visit more of where The White Lotus was filmed. Even though their villa was actually in Palermo, Daphne and Harper were spotted shopping in Noto during their day trip. The spot where they grab lunch is in the Piazza del Duomo with the Noto Cathedral in the background. The stairway of the Noto Cathedral is also where the uncomfortable scene where Harper is surrounded by Italian men was shot, according to We Got This Covered. The White Lotus is filled with easter eggs this season that come from art and sculptures in the background, but this particular scene pays homage to a similar one in the 1960 Italian film L’Avventura.

While in Noto or Palermo, you could also stop by an opera house like Quentin and Tanya do. Jumping between the two cities seems to be what production did while shooting The White Lotus. Even though they were technically staying in Noto IRL, in the show, the two were visiting Palermo. This is where the actual White Lotus opera house, the Massimo Theater, is located. While in Italy, see a show. Just don’t be weird like Tanya and wave at who you believe to be “the Queen of Sicily.”

When you’re not out exploring, visiting the vineyard from This White Lotus, or taking a Godfather tour, you might as well enjoy the massive and opulnet villa that is your home away from home for the week. Sip on some champagne while having a heart to heart or throw a huge party. Whatever you do, have fun!