Tanya stumbled on a photo that looked like Quentin and Greg and it confirmed a 'White Lotus' theory.

Let's Discuss THAT Photo Tanya Found On The White Lotus

What does it all mean?


Spoiler alert: Spoilers from The White Lotus Season 2, Episode 6 follow. A picture is worth a thousand words, but the one Tanya just stumbled on was screaming only three: Get out, girl! As The White Lotus set up for its Season 2 finale, it’s become all too clear Quentin’s friendship with Tanya isn’t as pure as it once seemed. After the socialite found an old photo with Quentin and another man, The White Lotus fans were immediately convinced the man was Greg. But is it, really? And if so, what could the connection mean for the big finale?

The theory that Quentin is working with Tanya’s husband Greg to scam her out of her fortune has been going around the White Lotus fandom for a few episodes, but it blew up in the season’s penultimate ep. After Quentin encouraged Tanya to do cocaine and hook up with the shady dealer Niccoló, she discovered an old photo of Quentin and another man wearing cowboy hats.

While it didn’t really seem like the drastic implications of this pic fully registered for Tanya (she was pretty out of it, after all), it immediately set off alarms for viewers. In the prior episode, Quentin admitted to Tanya his only love was a cowboy in the American West, and although their relationship never worked out because the cowboy was straight, Quentin said he would still do anything for him. Fans were quick to theorize this cowboy may be Greg, and the photo seems to be hard proof of that, since the cowboy in the pic clearly resembles Greg.


This Quentin and Greg theory has been building for a long time. It started when Quentin first showed up with his “nephew” Jack, whom fans were quick to conclude may not really be his nephew. Suspiciously, Quentin appeared right after Greg suddenly disappeared from Sicily, telling Tanya he had urgent business after a couple of extremely sus phone calls.

Now, the whole scheme appears to be coming together after the revelations at the end of Episode 6. First, Jack revealed to Portia that Quentin is not as rich as he seems, but he will be “coming into some money” very soon. Add that info up with the cowboy photo and the blinking red light behind Tanya when she was hooking up with Niccoló (suggesting the affair was filmed), and it all points to Quentin’s grand plan. It very much looks like he’s going to blackmail Tanya with the tape of her infidelity to drain her bank account, and Greg is probably in on it, too.

If you weren’t worried for Tanya before, you really should be now. Find out if she can wriggle her way out of this dire situation when The White Lotus Season 2 finale airs Sunday, Dec. 11, at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.