Young woman looking into the distance as Pluto retrograde 2021 ends on Oct. 6.

Every Zodiac Sign Will Soak Up The Intensity When Pluto Retrograde Ends

But there are four that will feel this shift the most.

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Time travel may not be real, but in astrology, retrogrades are a way of turning back the clock. Even though the mere mention of a “retrograde” may leave you feeling shaken, there is a beauty behind this strange and often confusing phenomenon. As a planet stations retrograde, it reverses course in its trajectory throughout the zodiac, retracing the degrees it has already moved across. As the planet appears to move backward, you may feel as though you yourself are being pulled into the past along with it. As Pluto retrograde 2021 stations direct, it may feel as though you’re forced to face your reality.

Let’s not forget that Pluto is an outer planet, and because Pluto takes such a long time to complete its tour through each zodiac sign (248 years, to be exact), this retrograde may not be as hard-hitting as you initially thought. Pluto is already retrograde around five to six months out of the year, which means you’re already familiar with this energy. However, astrology can help you analyze and comprehend what this energetic change truly means.

You probably instantly think of Mercury retrograde or Venus retrograde when this astrological topic arises. These retrogrades tend to have a much deeper impact on you because these planets are considered inner planets and orbit the sun much more rapidly. Affecting your day-to-day life, these retrogrades may quickly come and go, but they’re not easy to forget.

When it comes to outer planets — like Pluto — you might not even notice the cosmic shift when they station retrograde. I mean, they’re already retrograde during so much of the year, why would you notice? But by the time these long retrogrades finally come to an end, you might realize all the ways you’ve changed. Pluto retrograde is no different, and by the time it stations direct on Oct. 6, you may see all the ways it has encouraged you to think and feel differently.

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Pluto Retrograde 2021 (April 27 to Oct. 6)

Remember when astronomers told us that technically, Pluto is no longer considered a planet? Well, if you were as disappointed by this announcement as I was, then the astrological perspective of Pluto may be far more appealing to you. After all, Pluto is the ruler of death and rebirth. It represents the transformation that involves sacrifice and renewal. Pluto is no joke — I mean, in Greek and Roman mythology — Pluto is literally the god of the underworld, which is why this planet’s power is not something to be underestimated.

Pluto is the planet of control, domination, and of course, power. Everyone has a bit of Pluto in them, which means it’s up to you to know when to embrace Pluto’s power and when to rein it in. However, when Pluto stations retrograde, so many of the power structures that Pluto has helped create may become more flimsy. You may start to notice the way a friend of yours can be a bit manipulative. You may realize that you’re not setting enough boundaries at work. You might even come to find that you yourself can be rather controlling, encouraging you to work through some deeper issues you may have. When Pluto retrograde ends, it becomes time to set new power dynamics. Will you allow yourself to be controlled or will it be time for you to take your power back?

Pluto stationed retrograde on April 27 at 26 degrees Capricorn. It will finally station direct on Oct. 6 at 24 degrees in the sign of sturdy, committed, and authoritarian Capricorn. If you happen to have a cardinal sign — Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn — in your birth chart, you’ll feel this shift the most, especially if you have a cardinal placement from 20 to 30 degrees. However, every zodiac sign will get to soak up Pluto’s renewed intensity.

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