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What Planets Are Retrograde In February 2023? You’ll Love This

The cosmos will be quieter than ever.

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If you made it through January’s retrogrades without sending a hasty message to an old flame, you have me beat. But looking ahead to February’s planetary retrogrades, a celebration is in order: Starting off the year with Mercury, Mars, and Uranus all retrograding through the sky was no easy feat, and the entire month probably felt like one giant blur. Fortunately, February’s astrology is looking much less eventful. If you’re wondering what planets are retrograde this month, you’ll definitely be pleased with the answer.

Let’s start by backing up: In the first month of the year, Mercury, the planet of communication, was retrograde in the cardinal, earth sign of Capricorn up until Jan. 18. However, even when Mercury stations direct, it doesn’t mark the end of retrograde mishaps. Commonly referred to as the “shadow phase,” the two weeks or so after a retrograde officially ends often sees delays regarding travel, receiving and dispersing messages and information, and communicating effectively as Mercury was gradually picks up speed in the sky. The good thing is, February 1 marks the end of the post-shadow phase for Mercury, restoring clear and effective communication (for now).

Also in January, Mars, the planet of action, exuberance, and conflict continued its retrograde through the mutable, air sign of Gemini that initially began back on Oct. 30. While the retrograde technically ended on Jan. 12, Mars didn’t begin to gradually pick up speed again until the very end of January, due to — again — the post-shadow phase. Now that Mars is accelerating through the cosmos again, everyone will feel a surge in energy, especially when it comes to sharing ideas, multi-tasking, and engage in verbal discourse.

Uranus, the planet of sudden disruptive change and upheaval also stationed direct in the fixed, earth sign of Taurus on Jan. 22, but since Uranus is an outer planet, its direct station is much less noticeable. The inner planets, however, such as Mercury and Mars, are now soaring through the cosmos, ready to tackle any obstacle that stands in their way.

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What Is A Retrograde?

A retrograde occurs when a planet’s speed decreases due to proximity to the sun: From our view here on Earth, it appears that the planet is moving backward, but in reality, it’s just moving slower than normal. The slow movement of the planet that’s retrograding is what causes challenging events, specifically based around that planet’s significations. For example, when Mercury (planet of communication) stations retrograde, issues communicating, obtaining, or sharing information can be a challenge. However, when an outer planet like Neptune or Uranus stations retrograde, the effects aren’t typically as noticeable, since these planets are further away from the sun and from Earth. The outer planets also don’t rule over any of the signs or houses, so their mishaps tend to feel a lot less personal.

What Planets Will Be Retrograde February 2023?

The short answer is, well, zero! February is the first month since April 2022 that there have been no planets retrograding through the cosmos, which is music to my ears. Retrogrades cause things to drastically slow down, stop, and even reverse in some cases. It’s a time to review, revise, and plan for the future, but not an ideal time to get any new balls rolling. Since none of the inner or outer planets will be retrograde this month, however, it’s an ideal time to take action. If you’ve been waiting on the right time to initiate a new idea or endeavor, now is the perfect moment. Without any retrogrades holding your plans back, you’re bound to see swift progress — just be sure to take it one step at a time: Planets fresh out of their retrograde cycles, such as Mars, tend to charge full speed ahead. The good thing is, with the new year now fully underway, you likely have a thriving list of goals and ambitions to direct any excess energy to.

We won’t have another planet station retrograde until April 21, when Mercury retraces its steps through the fixed, earth sign of Taurus, so be sure to enjoy the calmness of the cosmos until then.

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