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Olivia Rodrigo's 'GUTS' World Tour bus will be making stops in different cities.

Everything You Need To Know About Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS World Tour Bus

Livies, there’s even a chance to win tickets to the show.

Olivia Rodrigo is taking her GUTS World Tour on the road, and bringing along a ‘90s teenage dream bus with her. Along with a merch truck filled with butterfly totes and tees, Livies HQ announced there will be a GUTS World Tour Bus Experience parked outside the venue at each show for fans to visit.

The GUTS World Tour Bus, similar to the SOUR tour experience, is an Insta-worthy and immersive pop-up with photo ops inspired by Rodrigo’s second album. According to Broadway World, the first 1,000 fans who stop by the purple bus will also get a $10 Starbucks gift card to try the brand’s new lavender drinks.

In addition to freebies and photos, Livies can try out Rodrigo’s limited-edition violet LinkBuds S earbuds from Sony before buying them. If you’re an American Express Card Member, the GUTS World Tour Bus also has exclusive merch, as well as an Olivia Rodrigo x Amex trading card set.

Even if you don’t have tickets to the GUTS tour, you can stop by the bus experience. Admission is free, and fans will have a chance to enter a giveaway that includes tickets to the show. Of course, you have to get there early. Clara Pullam from Arkansas visited the GUTS World Tour Bus Experience before her show in Nashville, Tennessee, and had to wait around two to three hours.

I would recommend you get there earlier.

“I would recommend you get there earlier — about an hour before it opens — because after that, the bus line became pretty crowded,” Pullam tells Elite Daily. Anyone wanting to buy merch and visit the GUTS bus will have to really prep before their show, but Pullam says the experience is so worth it. “The experience was super cool.”

Along with planning when to arrive, here’s everything you need to know about Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS World Tour Bus experience:

Clara Pullam/Instagram

The GUTS Bus Has More Than Just Photo Ops


While snapping a pic with the red lip phone like Rodrigo was a highlight for Pullam, she says there’s way more than just photo ops at the GUTS bus. “One of my favorite things from the bus was we got to see her past tour outfits, and I am in love with her Vivienne Westwood look from SOUR,” she says.

While waiting in line, Pullam also got to send postcards to her friends, and says the bus included photo moments from Rodrigo’s “bad idea right?” music video. Fans will also get to snap pics with a crescent moon that looks like the one Rodrigo rides around on during her set, and a glitter-filled toilet. One of the cutest details are the vintage VHS tapes on the shelf inspired by songs off Rodrigo’s GUTS album, like “Making the Bed” as She’s All That and “All-American B*tch” as Scarface.

It was super amazing to know she experienced what we experienced.

After you go through the bus and purchase merch, you also have the opportunity to bedazzle it at a styling station. Turn your tee into something retro chic if “pretty isn’t pretty enough” for you. The best part of all is that Rodrigo has gone through the bus as well. Pullam says, “It was super amazing to know she experienced what we experienced,” and you can even take your pics just like your fave homeschooled girl.

The GUTS Tour Bus Is Making Stops Along The U.S.

Kathryn Middleton/Instagram

The GUTS bus made its first stop at Rodrigo’s show in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 8, and has followed along with the tour since. While Rodrigo’s site doesn’t list exactly where the GUTS experience will be, the bus is expected to appear at tour venues and local points of interest as she makes her way across the U.S.

You can also check out your tour stop’s page to find out bus information or follow her official fan account Livies HQ on Instagram.