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Here's everything to bring to Olivia Rodrigo's 'GUTS' World Tour, according to someone who went the ...
What To Bring To Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS Tour (& What To Leave At Home)

Being prepared is not a bad idea, right?

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Olivia Rodrigo is ready to spill her *guts* around the world. The “Vampire” singer kicked off her GUTS World Tour on Feb. 23 in Palm Springs, California. The first night gave fans at home a glimpse into what to expect for their show, including set list, stage layout, and even what to bring along in their bag.

Keshia Sih-Tseng, a Los Angeles-based content creator, was at the first GUTS concert and tells Elite Daily she had everything she needed for the evening in her clear bag. While it may have been her first time seeing Rodrigo perform live, this wasn’t Sih-Tseng’s first concert. Having been to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour definitely helped the fan prepare, but she says you can leave your friendship bracelets at home.

“I saw a lot of people made bracelets, but there wasn't a lot of trading happening like at the Eras Tour,” she tells Elite Daily. “I had brought a bunch of bracelets hoping to trade, but since I didn't see people really doing that, I still have all of them.” While you can leave those behind, there are a few other items the Livie says are a must.

To help you enjoy Rodrigo’s show from “bad idea right?” to “get him back!” here’s a packing list of things to bring to the GUTS World Tour:

Bring A Portable Charger (It’s The Logical Choice)

If you want to be able to capture videos of your favorite songs, you’ll want to make sure your phone is fully charged the entire show. That means bringing a portable charger and cable is a must. This is the first must-have Sih-Tseng suggests you bring along to the GUTS World Tour. Even if you arrive with a full battery, your phone may not last from when you get to the venue to the end of the show — especially if you plan on arriving early for merch.

Sih-Tseng suggests you get there early “to beat the rush.” If you’re in VIP, she says to arrive at least two hours ahead of the show to get a good spot in the first-come, first-served pit. “I recommend trying to be somewhere by the barricades because Liv does go by the entire edge of the pit at the end to say hi everyone,” Sih-Tseng shares.

This Amazon option comes with two portable chargers, so you have a backup for your backup.

Security Will Be Brutal Without A Clear Bag

Before your concert, be sure to check the bag policy of your venue. Most places will only allow clear bags, and having one is what Sih-Tseng says will help you “get through security quickly.” You can even find stadium-approved clear bags online that match your planned GUTS tour outfit.

Be Ready To Jump Around In Comfortable Shoes

As much as you want to wear those platform combat boots to complete your grungy “bad idea, right?” outfit, they may not be the most comfortable shoes to stand around in all night. Since the pit is standing room only, wear something you can not only stand in but also dance.

“It's so much fun to jump and rock out with Liv during her performances,” Sih-Tseng says, so either pack a second pair of flats to switch into after your take your IG pics or go with a more cozy sneaker.

DL The Crumbl Cookie App Ahead Of Time
Keshia Sih-Tseng

In each city that Rodrigo visits on her tour, Crumbl Cookie locations near the venue will be serving a special GUTS cookie for one week only. In order to check if your Crumbl store has the GUTS cookie, you’ll need to download the app.

“I'd recommend checking the Crumbl app for which dates they will have her cookie,” Sih-Tseng, who got to try the “delish” cookie, shares.

Bring Your Credit Card If You Want Merch

“Don't forget your wallet to buy all the merch,” Sih-Tseng says. Getting a GUTS tour tee is not just a want, but a need. She shares that she did some damage at the merch truck prior to her show, but it was all worth it — especially to get the exclusive GUTS tour purple butterfly bag.

A lot of venues are cashless as well, so attach a card holder to your phone case to easily have that with you.

Make Your Ears Happier

Having some earplugs on hand isn’t a bad idea. You can plug them in if the sound is too loud, or if someone nearby is scream-singing to “traitor” and you want to hear just Rodrigo. These earplugs are small enough to fit into your clear bag, and come in a variety of colors like Rodrigo’s signature purple.

It’ll Be Good 4 U To Bring Sunglasses

Even if your venue for the GUTS World Tour is inside, you’ll want to have some sunglasses with you as you’re waiting in the merch line outside. A lot of the tour will be taking place over the summer, so pack some sunscreen or even a mini fan to beat the heat as well. If you want your sunnies to match your ‘fit, DIY a purple pair or order some fan-made ones from Etsy.

A Mini Hand Sanitizer Will Be Enough For You

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so it’s always a smart idea to pack along a mini hand sanitizer. You can match your bottle to your ‘fit with one of Bath & Body Works holders, like this simple lavender one. It can even be clipped to your bag for easy access after eating a GUTS cookie.

Be A Teenage Dream With A Matching Water Bottle

Another great item to have, especially during the warmer months, is a collapsible water bottle. You can fill it up in the venue at a water fountain and not have to worry about paying stadium prices for a bottle.

Having a bottle on hand can also help when you’re thirsty after singing the entire setlist, and you don’t want to wait in any long lines. Once again, check your venue’s bag policy first to see which kinds of bottles you’re allowed to bring in.