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A fan shares what it's like getting Olivia Rodrigo's 'GUTS' World Tour merch.

A Guide To Olivia Rodrigo’s Viral GUTS Tour Merch

The purple butterfly tote is a teenage dream.

Christopher Polk/Billboard/Getty Images/Keshia Sih-Tseng/Elite Daily
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While it has been a struggle to get Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour merch, like the coveted blue crewneck, it seems it’s not too brutal out there for Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS World Tour. Mind you, it’s not as easy as it used to be to snag a concert tee before the show. You still have to arrive early, wait in a line, and save up if you want to get everything you’ve got your eye on.

The merch line for the first night of the GUTS tour in Palm Springs, California was long at times, according to Keshia Sih-Tseng. The Los Angeles-based content creator tells Elite Daily that she arrived at 2:45 p.m. the day of her show, which was almost two hours after the merch truck outside the venue opened up, and the wait was only about 30 minutes. While there was “hardly a line” around 4 p.m., Sih-Tseng says things quickly picked up right before the show and the line was long again afterward.

Not only was there a wait, but some items and sizes were selling out. If you want to make sure to snag the more popular items — like the exclusive tour butterfly bag and lightstick — you want to make sure you arrive early. To be sure you’re prepared for your GUTS show, below is everything you need to know, from when to arrive and how much to save up.

There Are Merch Trucks Outside The Venue You Can Visit Before The Show

Keshia Sih-Tseng

Similar to the Eras Tour, Rodrigo has merch trucks parked outside the venue. That means you don’t even need a ticket to buy something. Sih-Tseng says the merch line opened up around 1 p.m. the day of her show, so arrive early if you want to be the first one there.

Since she picked up her merch ahead of time and drove to the show, she was able to put everything in her car and not have to carry it around for the rest of the day. If you’re thinking about waiting till after the show to avoid dealing with merch before Rodrigo takes the stage, she says you’ll likely have to wait a while. “The merch line was pretty long after the show, so I definitely recommend buying all your merch before,” says Sih-Tseng.

Keshia Sih-Tseng

A benefit to arriving early is also getting your pick of clothing sizes. “I normally wear a size L and some of them were sold out at the GUTS merch truck,” Sih-Tseng says. “I ended up just going for a more oversized fit and getting a size XL on a few of those pieces.” Sizing up is actually recommended by TikToker @ashleyraap, who shared that the merch tends to shrink in the wash. Livie @notthatonegorl also said to get something oversized since her hoodie from the GUTS tour got smaller after washing.

Since they may be sold out of certain sizes, it’s best to also check that they have what you need before jumping in line. You definitely don’t want to be waiting to end up with nothing. Sih-Tseng says there are other merch options inside the venue when doors open, which should be better stocked. Plus, “the VIP line gets their own dedicated booth to shop.”

Olivia Rodrigo’s Merch Prices Are Similar To Taylor Swift’s

Keshia Sih-Tseng

While some of Rodrigo’s merch on her website may seem overpriced — like a $30 pair of socks — for the most part, the GUTS tour merch is reasonably priced and not unlike what you’d experience at the Eras Tour. Though Sih-Tseng didn’t get to ask about the full sizing range, she says everything went to at least a 2XL.

Some of the most popular items at her show ended up being the OR light wand, butterfly bag, and official GUTS World Tour shirt. She also says there was some exclusive and state-specific merch, like a charm for the GUTS tour bracelet. “She is selling a general charm bracelet with cute Olivia Rodrigo-themed charms, and at each stop, she is also doing a state-specific charm.”

Keshia Sih-Tseng

Something that’s not only exclusive but free is a GUTS tour trading card they’re giving away at each show. While that may be free, everything else is going to add up. Sih-Tseng’s one piece of advice for merch is to know what you want ahead of time: “ Try to set a limit for yourself or else you might spend all your money like I did at the merch table.”

To plan ahead, look at TikToks of what’s on sale, along with this breakdown of what each item costs:

  • Hoodies — $80
  • Crewneck — $60
  • Long Sleeve T-Shirt — $60
  • Butterfly Tote Bag — $50
  • T-Shirts — $45
  • Tank — $45
  • Charm Bracelet — $40
  • State Charm — $10
  • Hat — $40
  • Beanie — $40
  • Tour Poster — $20
  • Light Up Star — $15
  • Bandaids — $15
  • Face Gems — $10
  • Sticker Sheet — $10

You Can Buy Some GUTS Merch Online If You Don’t Want To Wait In Line (Or For Your Show)

While the GUTS merch sold at the show is exclusive to the tour, you can find some items on Rodrigo’s website as well. There’s even a black version of the viral purple butterfly tote, and city-specific tour posters. If you don’t want to wait in line or are having major FOMO because your show is later this year, you might want to buy a few things online now.

The best part of all is that you can do all the shopping from the comfort of your couch. Now, that’s not only a good idea, but totally logical.