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The October 2022 Solar Eclipse Wants You To Release Your Need For Control

Feel those feelings.

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If the emo vibes have been on 10 as of late, you’re not being dramatic. With Scorpio season now officially in motion, everything feels much more intense than it probably is, because as a fixed water sign, emotions are either running at an all-time high or they’re practically non-existent. This year, however, Halloween’s getting a powerful boost, as a solar eclipse in Scorpio culminates in the cosmos. Eclipses are supercharged lunations that only occur three to four times every year, and this time around, the eclipse is encouraging every sign to release the fear of being powerless and vulnerable. While being selective with who you open up to is important, the spiritual meaning of the October 2022 solar eclipse is all about considering how you’ve been limiting yourself when it comes to suppressing your deep, inner feelings.

Scorpio is a sign all about protecting the self, which tends to imply that in order to do so, you have to keep others at arm’s length. While this can ultimately allow you to keep yourself safe, it can also mean that you’re not able to establish deep, passionate connections with others because of the fear that they might betray you. The upcoming solar eclipse in Scorpio is not only a time to release the fear of vulnerability, but it’s also seeking to usher in a fresh new chapter as a result. In order to move forward, you have to leave certain parts of yourself behind — but making things changes is much easier said than done.

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What Is A Solar Eclipse?

Solar eclipses occur when the moon passes between the sun and Earth, preventing the sun’s rays from reaching our planet. This event tends to be a challenging time for the luminaries, since the moon is essentially “eclipsing” the sun. The good thing is, eclipses are somewhat rare lunations. The last solar eclipse took place on April 30.

Since eclipses don’t happen too often, they tend to bring forth powerful beginnings or endings, based on whether or not the eclipse is occurring along the North Node or South Node (aka the points in the sky where eclipses occur). Taking place conjunct the South Node, this eclipse is all about releasing old habits and patterns that are no longer serving you, which can be a pretty draining experience. Eclipses are not a time to pack your calendar with events, but instead, a time to rest, reflect, and let go.

When Does The October 2022 Solar Eclipse Take Place?

At 6:48 a.m. EST on Oct. 25, the sun and moon will conjoin in Scorpio to form a partial solar eclipse conjunct Venus. While solar eclipses tend to resemble powerful new beginnings, this eclipse is occurring along the South Node, indicating some important releasing that must be done in order to move forward. Scorpio is a cautious, reserved water sign, so emotions surrounding fear, lack, or the extreme need for control may need to be released now, depending on where Scorpio resides in your own birth chart. Since Venus is also in the mix, fear-based emotions surrounding intimacy, connection, and love will also be a theme.

This is the time to get to the bottom of why you may feel hesitant to address emotions head on. Is it because you think they’re too intense? This eclipse is a reminder that your feelings are worth expressing regardless of how big they may seem. Keeping them suppressed is only holding you back from experiencing trust, emotional depth, and intimacy with those around you. Keeping your cards close to your chest may prevent you from getting played, but the more fearful you become of exposing your hand, the more you end up playing yourself.