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How The October 2022 Solar Eclipse Will Affect Every Sign's Emotions

This moon's going to be messy.

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Spooky season’s not just about dusting off your skeleton decorations and restocking on your black lipstick. This year, there’s a powerful solar eclipse taking place a few days shy of this occult-y holiday in the fixed water sign of Scorpio, centering around everyone’s desire for emotional control, stability, and resilience. Eclipses are like supercharged new or full moons, and they only take place about three to four times each year, which makes them pretty significant. Since this particular eclipse also happens to be taking place along the South Node, the October 2022 solar eclipse will encourage every zodiac sign to release unresolved emotions, doubts, and fears, just in time for All Hallows’ Eve.

What Is A Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse takes place when the moon passes between the sun and Earth, preventing the sun’s rays from reaching us. It tends to be a stressful time for the luminaries, since the universe’s light source is essentially being “eclipsed,” or interfered with. In ancient times, eclipses would often coincide with floods, wars, and other worldly disasters, but these days, you’re bound to mostly just feel them on an emotional and physical level. Eclipses tend to be draining astrological events, since they usually coincide with powerful endings or powerful beginnings. This time around, a solar eclipse will be taking place, which is more symbolic of a new chapter beginning.

When Does The October 2022 Solar Eclipse Take Place?

The solar eclipse in Scorpio will take place on Oct. 25, 2022 at 6:48 a.m. EST at 2 degrees conjunct Venus. With the planet of love, unity, and connection in the sign of her detriment and being affected by the sun’s rays, there will be a collective emphasis around how you allow yourself to be vulnerable and open with others. If any sort of doubt, fear, or hesitance has been holding you back from embracing pleasure, this eclipse may shine a light on that. It’s the perfect day to acknowledge your emotions, no matter how intense or overwhelming they may be. It’s a time to validate them, not suppress them.

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Aries (March 19—April 20)

Taking place in your eighth house, this eclipse is may uncover unresolved emotions when it comes to fully trusting the people around you. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak, Aries, especially since others don’t hesitate to rely on you. Now is the time to address any fears you have with getting close to people. Have you been unintentionally pushing others away? If so, this eclipse is the ideal time to get to the bottom of these issues. In order to have the deep connections you crave, you have to let others close enough to really see you.

Taurus (April 20—May 19)

This eclipse is a big one for you and your relationships, Taurus. On Oct. 25, the sun and moon along with your chart ruler, Venus, will form an eclipse in your seventh house of relationships. This event is bound to illuminate any fears or doubts you have when it comes to your connections, and it’s a great time to unpack some of these feelings. In order to experience depth in your dynamics with others, you may have to release the hesitations you have when it comes to expressing your emotions. The right people won’t be driven away by you opening up a bit.

Gemini (May 19—June 21)

On Oct. 25, the solar eclipse in Scorpio will bring forth powerful shifts in your routines. If you’ve been exercising too much control in your daily habits, it may be time to make some necessary adjustments. While having disciplined practices and rituals is essential, it’s important that the activities you’re partaking in aren’t doing more harm than good. Use this day to take a closer look at where you’ve been hesitant to make some changes to your day-to-day life. Just because a routine is familiar, doesn’t always mean it’s effective. Give yourself the space to switch up your habits.

Cancer (June 21—July 22)

As the sun and moon come together to form an eclipse on Oct. 25, you’ll be called to review any fears, doubts, or unresolved emotions pertaining to your creative and intimate worlds. If you’ve been hesitant to share a passion project, now is the perfect time to address the emotions tied to that hesitation. What’s been holding you back from letting your artistic pursuits be seen and acknowledged? You may also notice strong emotional feelings tied to sexual pursuits arising, so whether it’s a new or old romantic interest, this solar eclipse is bound to unravel any feelings you’ve been suppressing.

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Leo (July 22—Aug. 21)

On Oct. 25, the sun and moon will link up in your fourth house of family, revealing some hidden emotions in your home life. Whether you’ve got some unfinished business with a relative, or you’ve been thinking about relocating, your private world is a top priority now. It’s important to address your feelings head on, Leo. It doesn’t make you weak.

Virgo (Aug. 21—Sept. 22)

As the sun and moon conjoin in Scorpio on Oct. 25, your skills, ideas, and methods of communication will be highlighted. You’re someone who tends to adhere firmly to your personal thoughts and opinions, but on this day, you’ll be called to release any mindsets that have been rooted in fear and keeping you stagnant. It’s a great day to journal or write your thoughts down to better understand any feelings that haven’t been given an outlet.

Libra (Sept. 22—Oct. 21)

On Oct. 25, the solar eclipse in Scorpio will highlight your relationship with your money and resources, and prompt you to consider how you’ve been potentially holding yourself back in your finances. If you’ve been operating from a scarcity mindset when it comes to what you have, now is the perfect time to work through those feelings. Whether you’re being called to let go of a material possession or a shift in financial priorities, consider what your relationship to money looks like.

Scorpio (Oct. 21—Nov. 22)

It’s a big day for you, Scorpio, as the solar eclipse takes place in your first house of self. This eclipse is seeking to propel you forward, but in order to make progress, it’ll be important to consider what behaviors you’ve been partaking in that have been holding you back. As the cautious, more reserved sign of the zodiac, you tend to keep your cards close to your chest, but this can very easily prevent you from experiencing emotional depth in relationships. Allow yourself to get to the root of your fears, Scorpio, because they’re likely holding you back from expressing yourself fully.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22—Dec. 20)

On Oct. 25, the solar eclipse in Scorpio will illuminate your 12th house of isolation and withdrawal, bringing awareness to your habits and mental health. If you’ve been exercising an unhealthy level of control or extremism when it comes to your behind-the-scenes practices, consider where you need to make some changes. Whether it’s time to unplug from social media, or schedule a chat with your therapist, your mental health is a top priority.

Capricorn (Dec. 20—Jan. 21)

As the sun and moon link up in your 11th house of friends and social groups on Oct. 25, you’ll be called to do some releasing when it comes to your community. Whether you’ve outgrown a friendship or have been suppressing self-doubt or fear, this eclipse is the perfect time to address any intense emotions you’ve been feeling. In order to achieve in-depth connections, it’s important that you allow yourself to trust the people you surround yourself with, Capricorn, but if you can’t trust them, let them go.

Aquarius (Jan. 21—Feb. 20)

Your career is a top priority, as the solar eclipse takes place in your 10th house on Oct. 25. Now is the time to release any unresolved emotions relating to fear, caution, or scarcity regarding your professional life. This eclipse is looking to propel you forward into new opportunities, but before that can take place, you’ll have to cut the dead weight. Don’t be so afraid to fail that you keep yourself stagnant, Aquarius. Change can be a good thing.

Pisces (Feb. 20—March 21)

On Oct. 25, the solar eclipse in Scorpio will bring powerful shifts to the forefront when it comes to your relationships with knowledge, wisdom, and spirituality. If there’s been a specific belief or mentality that’s been holding you back, release it. Address any fear surrounding a shift in beliefs head-on, Pisces, especially if you’re looking to continue to grow and evolve spiritually. The unknown can be scary, but it’s better than letting fear keep you stuck.

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