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The Libra New Moon Will Help You Solve Conflicts

Every zodiac sign will be blessed by its beauty.

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The new moon is a beautiful time to let go and let in. This is when the moon — ruler of your internal self — forms an exact conjunction with the sun — ruler of your external self — presenting you with a powerful spiritual alignment. During this alignment, you are encouraged to release whatever has been weighing you or holding you back. In its place, you can start over again, letting the spark of something new catch fire. Everyone will process this new beginning differently, depending on how the October 2021 new moon in Libra will affect your zodiac sign.

Because this new moon takes place in beautiful, balanced, and copacetic Libra, its aura may impact your relationships. Libra is a cardinal air sign that wants to solve conflicts, maintain peace, and embrace the romance that arrives when everyone is getting along. During this new moon, you may feel passionate about bridging differences with others and forging a more harmonious bond.

Of course, letting bygones be bygones isn’t always easy. This new moon will also take place during Mercury retrograde, which could dredge up the past and bring up issues that never received any closure. As this new moon forms a conjunction with fiery and aggressive Mars, passions may overtake rationality, leading to unpredictable results. But it’s not necessarily about how you feel — it’s about how you choose to act on these feelings. Libra can teach you the power of being the bigger person.

Taking place on Oct. 6 at 7:05 a.m. ET, this is how it will affect you, based on your sun and rising sign:

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Your relationships may take on a deeper meaning during this new moon. Take stock of where your relationships stand and how you would like your relationships to improve. This new moon will encourage you to choose partnerships that bring out the best in you, as well as become the partner you know you can be for someone.


You only have so many hours in a day and you only have so much fuel in the tank. It’s up to you how you use the resources you have. Let this new moon inspire you to forge a daily routine that helps you become healthier, more productive, and more purposeful. Self-care is not something to be sacrificed, so work on creating self-care regimens that work for you.


This new moon is encouraging you to reconnect with your creativity and get to know your inner child. The part of you that remains open to joy, silliness, and play of all kinds deserves to be set free, so let this new moon be your excuse to do whatever makes you happy. This new moon is about having fun, even when things don’t feel fun.


You may feel a desire for safety and familiarity on this new moon. It’s encouraging you to create a home environment that excites you; a home environment that both inspires you and nurtures you. Reconnect with your roots, because at the end of the day, it’s hard to grow tall and blossom freely when you don’t feel a sense of emotional belonging.

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This new moon is helping you rediscover your intelligence. You may feel like your mind is restless and in search of new ideas. Let yourself be inspired by new ideas through stimulating conversations and informative experiences. Your intellectual side is titillating and your mind is craving new material to sink its teeth into.


Find ways to become more grounded on this new moon. You may be craving a sense of stability and planning a safety net may be in your best interests. Making purchases that make you happy and setting financial goals will serve you well, but make sure you take a moment to stop and smell the roses. Enjoy connecting with the world through your five senses.


You’re discovering the deeper layers of who you are, who you’ve been, and who you’re becoming. This new moon represents a beautiful turning point in your life and it will encourage you to embrace confidence and self-actualization. Recognize how your identity is evolving and make changes that reflect your changing sense of self.


You may find yourself unloading and embracing so many repressed feelings. Your subconscious is bleeding through your reality, encouraging you to explore your inner workings a little more deeply. You may feel it’s appropriate to make an even deeper to your spiritual well-being, prioritizing therapy and healing at this time.

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This new moon is encouraging you to embrace your individuality and your innovative side. As you more authentically connect with your eccentricities, you may feel pulled toward people who truly get you. This new moon is about forging ties with a community of likeminded friends that inspire you, support you, and excite you.


Your career may be taking a new direction on this new moon. It may encourage you to take on new responsibilities and make a deeper commitment to achieving the success you’ve always dreamed of. Take authority of where your career is headed, because this new moon is a powerful moment to start taking your goals even more seriously.


This new moon is inspiring you to embark on new adventures. If you feel like everything has become stale or stagnant, this new moon will inject you with some excitement and encourage you to expand your reality. Take a chance on spontaneous opportunities that bring you more wisdom and encourage you to have a more open mind.


This new moon could encourage you to embrace a deep internal shift. It may even feel more like an ending than a new beginning, but as one door closes, another one opens. Let this new moon remove all the obstructions in your life, helping you get rid of dead weight, settle debts, and part ways with what you’ve already outgrown.

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