Young woman sitting on a planet for your November 2022 monthly horoscope.

Your November 2022 Monthly Horoscope Is Mysterious & Enlightening

Eclipse season isn’t over until it’s over.

by Valerie Mesa
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The Halloween festivities may be over, but witchy autumn is still alive and well. Your November 2022 horoscope proves it, as it is equal parts mysterious and mystical. The last eclipse of the year, the end of Jupiter retrograde — buckle up, because this month’s astrology is going to take you on a bumpy ride.

The sun continues to glimmer through transformative Scorpio, bringing emphasis to the shadowy components of your life, which is what ultimately helps you shed your snake skin. You’re an ever-changing being, and the fall season has everything to do with maturity.

In terms of new astro-weather, the total lunar eclipse in Taurus, happening on Nov. 8, will not only conjunct freedom-loving Uranus, but also sit in opposition to the sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio. Themes surrounding the “give and take” within your personal and professional relationships (or lack thereof) will be of greater prominence, and the erratic influence of rebellious Uranus will simultaneously set you free. Ironically enough, Venus (the ruler of this eclipse and the North Node) will harmonize with lucky Jupiter on Nov. 14 and 15, heightening your passions while bringing you closer to your soul mate(s).

After a highly passionate journey through all-or-nothing Scorpio, Venus will make its official debut in Sagittarius on Nov. 16, shifting your focus from “I do” to “carpe diem.” However, Mercury will soon follow in Venus’ footsteps on Nov. 17, and eventually join forces for a sweet Mercury-Venus cazimi on Nov. 20 and 21. Optimistic and adventurous, this sweet conjunction is both enlightening and heart-centered, so don’t forget to seize the day.

The sun will join Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius on Nov. 22, and just in time for the holidays. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, opportunity and belief systems. If this weren’t enough reason to celebrate your blessings before winter, Jupiter will station direct the following day, together with a new moon in the sign of the Archer. So, despite what may have felt like a brutal ending to this past eclipse season, a beautiful beginning is always waiting for you on the other side.

Now that you know all the important astro events of the month, here’s what November has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:

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Aries November 2022 Horoscope

November could feel heavy and cathartic at first, but the emotional intensity will eventually start to fade. Take a deep breath, this month’s lunar eclipse is giving you no choice but to take a good look at everything from your financial stability to your overall sense of security, with and/or without your significant other on the same page. Conversations surrounding mutual assets and shared resources could seem a bit uncomfortable at first, but this doesn’t make them any less necessary.

Revelations surrounding your romantic unions and business partnerships are also likely, but finding the will to surrender your fears and doubts continues to be your superpower. Before the sun enters Sagittarius, granting you a fresh perspective and a whole new outlook on life, Mercury will dance with Venus in the sky, reminding you to have hope and practice more self-love. A nice trip wouldn’t be so bad either, especially with a new moon happening on the same day Jupiter stations direct. You are limitless.

Taurus November 2022 Horoscope

The last thing you’re looking forward to is change, but life can be so incredibly ironic. Naturally, with so many planets shaking up your relationship sector, there’s no denying the intensity of your soul connections and commitments, but November’s total lunar eclipse in your sign is flipping the script. This is especially true for those of you who have been investing your time and energy in partnerships that aren’t completely fulfilling you, and the same goes for those who feel bound to a connection that’s depleting your energy.

Unexpected encounters and conversations are likely this month, but even still, Uranus reminds us that nothing is set in stone. Reflect on the foundation of your commitments, as well as what is required from you when meeting a partner half-way. Your individual freedom will continue to take precedence, and the passionate exchanges underway (specifically when Mercury and Venus enter Sagittarius) will be difficult to resist. You’re turning the page, but a romantic chapter soon begins.

Gemini November 2022 Horoscope

November is bringing awareness to everything from your daily devotions to your life behind the scenes. How do you cope with stress? What’s changed with regards to your day-to-day lifestyle? Despite whether you’re passionate about these work routines and/or present when it pertains to your rituals, this month’s total lunar eclipse is urging you to take a step back from the monotony, and break free from self-sabotaging patterns and unconscious patterns that have been keeping your spirit stagnant.

Granted, this could have everything to do with the foundation of your work load, not to mention how it influences your mental health, but this is all the more reason to make the necessary changes. Fortunately, with your celestial ruler, Mercury, joining forces with charming Venus in your relationship sector mid-month, you’ll be gifted with the support and contagious enthusiasm of your peers, partners and/or lovers for the win. New business venture in the works? Jupiter will station direct in your career sector on the same day as the new moon. Anything’s possible.

Cancer November 2022 Horoscope

You’re the matriarch of the zodiac, but that still doesn’t make you any less human. It’s normal to have doubts, fears and insecurities, so there’s no use in keeping up with the “I got it together” facade. Be yourself. After all, November’s astrology is here to shed light on the value of your authenticity and passion projects, specifically those of you who have made it a point to share these parts of yourself with the rest of the world. Either way, this month’s total lunar eclipse is here to liberate you, and help you break free from communities, networks and societal programming that’s been burdening to your identity, love life and genuine happiness.

Maybe it’s with regards to love, or perhaps even a feeling of reluctance when you think about having children someday. Your inner child is healing in more ways than you can imagine, and in addition to making the world fall in love with your uniqueness, you’re falling in love with yourself in the process. This heart chakra activation will serve as a tremendous source of inspiration come Sagittarius season, and with Jupiter stationing direct on the same day as the new moon, many of you will begin to look at the world in a whole new way. That is, only if you’re open to the journey, of course.

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Leo November 2022 Horoscope

The way you show up in the world is a reflection of your inner foundation, and this is something that’s being brought to your attention in November. Be it with regards to your sense of authority, or perhaps even your professional occupation, this month’s total lunar eclipse is shaking things up in a very big way. On another note, this could revolve around your relationship with a prominent authority figure, but it still boils down to the same themes: career, legacy, reputation and self-mastery. Also, with so much traction happening in your domestic fourth house space, repressing your feels may be easier said than done, so don’t put so much pressure on your external life, and how you’re being perceived.

Uranus is revolutionizing your public 10th house of traditions either way, so be sure to keep your balance in the meantime. On a brighter note, the sun’s shift into your sister sign, Sagittarius, will feel like a sweet pick-me-up, especially when considering the Mercury-Venus cazimi happening the day before. Whether it be an adventurous new beginning in the love department, or a passion project that could mean serious dollar signs, you’re being reminded that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. Change is the only thing that’s constant, and this festive season is greeting you with some much-needed enthusiasm.

Virgo November 2022 Horoscope

It’s all about perspective, and November is teaching you this first hand. Despite what may have clouded your judgement once upon a time — be it a past wound, trauma or conditioning — you’re finally stepping outside of the box, and considering other avenues of judgement. You are, after all, notorious for critiques and tough love, but this desire for perfection goes far beyond your Marie Kondo ways. That said, all of the planets activating your communication sector are simultaneously transforming your outlook, and perhaps highlighting the shadowy attributes of your immediate circles. Your environment is a source of influence, so reflect on how this may have inspired your long-term goals and value systems.

Either way, this month’s total lunar eclipse is bound to catch you off guard, especially those of you who have been attached to a limited belief system and/or walking on eggs shells in hopes of following the path of an outdated tradition. Your overall trajectory is shifting, perhaps unexpectedly so, and the sun’s shift into Sagittarius makes this new journey all the more official. Contemplating whether you should relocate? A sweet Mercury-Venus cazimi before the new moon and Jupiter direct is quite the celestial omen, so be sure to follow your inner compass.

Libra November 2022 Horoscope

The foundation of your shared resources and mutual assets has been greatly highlighted in the past year... and well, November is no exception. This is especially true when considering this month’s total lunar eclipse as it will conjunct freedom-loving Uranus, and touch down on this area of your chart. And while it could be something as simple as upgrading to something more innovative and techie in the realm of finances — especially with your celestial ruler, Venus, transiting through your money sector — this celestial occurrence is taking it a step further. For instance, with three planets simultaneously activating your second house of stability, many of you are being called to take your power back, both in your personal and/or professional unions.

This could be financially, for those of you investing, but a sudden eureka moment is more than likely under this month’s stellar skies. In other words, your energy and unique talents are sacred, which is why it’s so important to be discerning when it pertains to matters of “give and take.” Others of you, however, may choose to cut ties with sources of income that felt binding and/or suffocating. Luckily, the sun’s shift into Sagittarius — along with a charming Mercury-Venus conjunction — is giving you all the more reason to look on the bright side, and look at things from a more enthusiastic point of view. Now that you’ve broken free from a past burden, you’re able to look at the world through a new pair of lenses.

Scorpio November 2022 Horoscope

Your birthday season has never been for the faint of heart, but this makes your mysterious aura all the more alluring. Wishing you a lovely solar season swirling in blessings and bliss, but you know what time it is. November kicks off with the sun, Mercury and Venus conjugating in your sign, making you the center of attraction, but there’s more. A total lunar eclipse will touch down on your relationship sector on Nov. 8, all the while making a conjunction to rebellious Uranus in the process. Surprise, surprise! You reap what you sow, and many of you are being vindicated for past injustices. Sounds like a cheesy romance novel, but heartbreakers from your past could very well return with an apology, or perhaps even an offer.

How you choose to proceed depends on your personal experience, but you’re being presented with an opportunity to speak your truth, and get the closure you’ve been seeking. This kinda stuff does not happen every day, so it’s now or never, Scorpio. Are you ready to leave a chapter behind? The good thing is, the day before the sun enters Sagittarius, Mercury will join forces with Venus via this mutable fire sign which, in turn, lights up your stability-seeking second house of wealth with luck, expansion and sweet opportunities. And considering the power of divine timing, of course, Jupiter will station direct the following day, just an hour or so after the new moon. Chin up, you’re building your own foundation.

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Sagittarius November 2022 Horoscope

Take a load off, and leave the past where it belongs. November’s astrology could start off a bit rocky, before it gets better... but even still, it’s up to you to make this month what you want it to be. For instance, the first-quarter moon in Aquarius on Nov. 1 already serves as a strong preface for what’s to come, namely when it pertains to our individual freedom and how this might influence our sense of belonging in the world. More importantly, this month’s total lunar eclipse in Taurus will conjunct freedom-loving Uranus, via your responsible sixth house of health routines, daily rituals and acts of service.

Needless to say, if you’ve been overworking and/or overextending yourself, you’re being encouraged to reflect on your coping mechanisms and forms of escapism, so you can ultimately break free from a pattern that’s no longer serving your highest good. Just in time for your solar season mid-month, Mercury will join forces with Venus for a sweet cazimi energy — charming, heartfelt and optimistic — before the sun makes its debut in your sign on Nov. 22. A new journey awaits, and you’re about to expand in a number of ways. Be sure to set some intentions for the new moon on Nov. 23, especially with your celestial ruler, Jupiter, going direct on the same day.

Capricorn November 2022 Horoscope

The people you surround yourself with are an extension of you... so, what happens when you change? It’s no wonder so many of us wander through a series of friend groups and social networks before we really settle in to one. And with this in mind, let alone all the traction happening in your 11th house of society, November is bringing emphasis to everything from the shadow side of your social life to the unique talents and abilities you are destined to share with the rest of the world. That being said, this month’s total lunar eclipse will conjunct freedom-loving Uranus which, in turn, brings some unexpected changes and upgrades to your fifth house of love, passion, pleasure and self-expression.

Have you been repressing your individuality for the sake of keeping up with a particular network? Before the sun enters Sagittarius and your 12th house of rest, closure and unconscious patterns on Nov. 22, Mercury will join forces with Venus in this area of your chart which could, in turn, initiate a brand-new beginning with regards to your life behind the scenes, even if that means partaking in a secret passion project or romantic rendezvous behind closed doors. There will also be a new moon the following day, an hour or so before Jupiter stations direct. If you lost hope, you’re feel inspired again.

Aquarius November 2022 Horoscope

Lots happening in the home front? Energies surrounding family, personal matters and your emotional foundations have been of greater prominence in the past year, and November’s total lunar eclipse is equivalent to a full circle moment. Think back to the new moon solar eclipse that took place back in April for reference, as you are likely in the process of either renovating your home, relocating entirely or building a foundation of your own. Sitting in conjunction with your modern ruler Uranus, all the while making an opposition to a stellium of planets in Scorpio via your 10th house of authority, you’re finally ready to do things your way, and perhaps break some curses and out-dated traditions along the way.

The same goes for those of you who have been over-extending yourself in the workplace, or perhaps not considering the value of your self-worth. Things are about to change, and this inner revolution will ultimately reflect on your external reality. Need a helping hand? Savvy Mercury will conjunct Venus in Sagittarius via your 11th house of community affairs, before the sun enters this area of your chart, highlighting the series of opportunities being presented to you, whether it be romantically, creative and/or professionally speaking. Be sure to harness this energy during the new moon on Nov. 23, especially with Jupiter going direct on the same day.

Pisces November 2022 Horoscope

There is unexpected change occurring within your immediate network, but you already knew that. More importantly, with so much astrological traction influencing your ninth house of expansion, belief systems and longterm pursuits, keeping the faith during these unprecedented times could be easier said than done. Nevertheless, November’s total lunar eclipse will conjunct Uranus via your third house of communication, thought process and local community, and this could potentially shift more than the dynamic of your inner circle. In fact, your perspective on values and those you genuinely cherish and/or choose to keep around will also experience its own revolution.

The good thing is, your traditional ruler, Jupiter will station direct in your sign this month, granting you a bit more time with luck on your side. This, however, occurs later on in the month, after the sun ingresses into Sagittarius, and your 10th house of authority, career and reputation in the world. A day before that (Nov. 21), Mercury will conjunct Venus in this area of you chart, which is equivalent to a sweet pick-me-up, and perhaps a lucky break at that. Themes of travel and expansion in the workplace are likely, unless you choose to spend some quality time with a prominent parent instead. Optimistic and lively, you have the enthusiasm and the inspiration to move forward with confidence, which is more than enough to manifest under the new moon on Nov. 23.