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If Your North Node Is In Scorpio, You May Find It Difficult To Tap Into Your Emotions

Unlocking this part of your birth chart can transform your life.

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Transformation has likely become something you’re very familiar with over the last couple of years. Though you may not always be able to fully understand why it happens, astrology can help you to understand how to work with it, not against it. Those born under the fixed water sign of Scorpio know the struggle of grappling with abrupt change all too well, especially individuals who have their North Node in Scorpio.

In astrology, the North Node essentially represents the place in your birth chart you’re called to tap into, no matter how challenging it may be. What makes working with your North Node even more difficult is that you’ve also got your South Node in the exact opposite sign (in this case, it’s Taurus) pulling you in a completely different direction. While the South Node in your birth chart tends to represent qualities you have an innate knack for, the North Node and the sign it’s in represents qualities that you’re meant to develop in your life, meaning that your North Node in Scorpio is all about owning your personal power.

Since Taurus and Scorpio are both fixed signs, there’s a certain level of resistance to change along this axis of your birth chart. The houses that your North and South Node fall in can tell you more about where you may tend to resist change — especially the house that contains your Scorpio North Node — and tapping into this area of your chart can really allow you to step outside of your comfort zone.

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How To Lean Into Your North Node In Scorpio

If your natal North Node lies in Scorpio, this means that you may have difficulty tapping into the part of you that seeks emotional control and depth in your endeavors. While this energy can be incredibly unpleasant, it’s actually exactly what you need to balance out the slow, grounded energy of your South Node in Taurus.

Since Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign all about partnership, comfort, and stability, this isn’t an energy that cares too much about being in control. Scorpio, on the other hand, is a sign that cares about success and resilience. While it may feel a bit like new territory, it’s actually exactly what you need in order to grow. The passive, deliberate nature of Taurus is oftentimes a bit too safe and can easily lead to stagnation. Scorpio is a sign that’s constantly seeking ways to dig deeper, go harder, and achieve bigger, and your North Node resting in this sign is a reminder that this is something you may innately be looking for in your life.

Though fixed nodes aren’t the easiest to work with — as fixed signs have a tendency to be a bit stuck in their ways — once you do push yourself to try new things, it will completely change your life. Since fixed signs take a long time to take the first leap, their introduction to transformation tends to be pretty drastic — like “once you take the leap, you never look back” kind of drastic. While balance is still needed along your North and South Node axis, the biggest challenge is allowing yourself to embrace change. Once you do, it opens you up to endless new possibilities.