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These New Year’s Eve Candles Will Bring The Cozy Vibes Into 2022

The ideal way to ring in the occasion.

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The new year is so close, you can almost smell it — especially if you have a few New Year's Eve-themed candles in your space. If the past few years have collectively taught us anything, it’s that instead of heading out to a party, celebrating at home can be just as fun. The change of scenery doesn't mean you can't still pop a bottle of champagne and cheers to all the good things to come. You can plan a traditional, yet cozy, NYE party fit with a sparkly outfit (maybe even loungewear), a homemade balloon arch, and a sweet-scented New Year’s candle all from the comfort of your home if that’s more your vibe this year.

When you can't go to the party, bring the party to you. Give your home the fresh scent of champagne cocktails or gin and tonics with some festive candles that will will make you feel like you're at your favorite wine bar or speakeasy-type spot, watching the ball drop on TV. Some New Year’s candles are symbolic of saying goodbye to the year we had, while others are meant to bring you positivity in the new year — so that you can hopefully avoid some Taylor Swiftian “champagne problems.”

While NYE may not be the first theme that comes to mind when you're candle shopping, the holiday offers more options than you'd think. So, go ahead and get your New Year's Eve candle locked down, so all you have to worry about next is what songs from this year you're adding to your playlist.

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This Champagne Toast Candle

It just wouldn't be New Year's Eve without a champagne toast. This candle from Bath & Body Works smells just like a bubbly champagne cocktail with sparkling berries, tangerine, and essential oils. Snag yours while you can before New Year’s Eve rolls around, because this candle is always quite popular!

This Courage Candle

Start your year off on the right note with courage. Along with jotting down your New Year's wishes, light up this courage candle from The Dolan Twins' Wakeheart collection to remind yourself to enter the new year with belief in yourself and all that you want to accomplish. It will fill your home with an aroma of sandalwood, iris, and cedar, and comes with a tiger’s eye crystal inside that you can carry with you to bring on the good vibes of fearlessness and inner strength throughout the new year.

This Burn Down 2021 Candle

Say goodbye to 2021 with this candle. You might not miss everything about the past year, but this candle is a good way to honor the year and let it burn and fade away into time. This is also a great party piece for an at-home NYE gathering you might have. The burn time will last just over an hour, so you can watch the candle burn down on Dec. 31 as the hours of 2021 melt away and you say goodbye to the past year.

This Let’s Toast Candle

Cheers to the perfect scent for every New Year’s celebration. With notes of mandarin, grapefruit, apple, pineapple, and most importantly, champagne grapes, the candle by Homesick pairs best with raising your glass for a toast. Plus, you can personalize it with a handwritten note on the back of the packaging, making it a wonderful NYE gift.

This "Champagne Problems” Candle

Inspired by Taylor Swift’s evermore song “champagne problems,” this candle will hopefully ward off any bad New Year’s luck. With notes of strawberry, champagne, rose, and vanilla, this candle is supposed to evoke the sensations of drinking a glass of strawberry champagne and features lyrics from the song on the label. I’d imagine it pairs best with a glass of bubbly in hand and the track playing in the background.

This New York City Candle

When you think of NYE, watching the ball drop in Times Square might be the first thing that comes to mind. Welcome those vibes into your home with this New York City candle. This particular candle has fragrances of bergamot, concrete, and oakmoss that'll remind you of Central Park, department stores, and that NYC state of mind.

This Hello 2022 Candle

Welcome a fresh start with this New Year’s candle. With 28 scents, including seasonal festive ones, to choose from, you can really customize this candle to make it your own. Pick the rose petals scent if you have dreams of finding the one for you in the new year, or cashmere cedar if you're all about having a cozy night in on NYE.

This New Year, New Beginning Candle

Begin your new year by starting fresh with this candle by Rachel Glarner. The top is adorned with crystals including black obsidian, pyrite, citrine, and tiger’s eye for good vibes, in addition to some gold flakes for an extra celebratory touch. With the aroma of cypress, patchouli, cinnamon, basil, chamomile, and cloves, this candle will definitely help you manifest good intentions going into 2022.

This Champagne Pop Candle

Light this candle for what designer Jonathan Adler calls “hangover-free hedonism,” perfect for New Year’s Day. In a gold metallic container, this candle smells like pink grapefruit, raspberry, French cassis, violet leaves, rose petal, and grape leaf. Once you light it, you will instantly feel the sparkly New Year’s vibes to ring in 2022.

This “Light For Champagne” Candle

Put it out into the universe that you're ready for some bubbly and good times. This candle says "light me for champagne" on the front, and that's exactly what you should have right after lighting it. Choose between a few festive scents for this one, like vanilla bourbon or holiday peel pine.

This Radiate Positivity Candle

It’s always best to approach the new year with positivity. This candle by Jill & Ally is here to help. Featuring a peach and oolong tea scent, this candle is good for energy, clarity, growth, and healing. It also comes with two large crystals: green fluorite for innovation, inspiration, awareness, and creation and clear quartz for clearing, healing, uplifting, and spirituality.

This Champagne-Shaped Candle

What is more fitting for New Year’s than a candle that looks like a glass of bubbly in a champagne flute? Get ready to pop a bottle of the good stuff because this candle is classy — it’s handmade and truly looks like the real deal. For the most on-theme candle to burn on New Year’s Eve, go for gold with this festive one. Just make sure no one tries to take a sip of it once it’s lit and melting!

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