The 10 Best Vanilla Candles

Scented candles can instantly change the entire atmosphere in your home, and few scents are as cozy and comforting as vanilla. The best vanilla candles are formulated with fragrances that complement the primary vanilla note and come in simple, chic containers.

Some may think that vanilla-forward scents are strictly sweet and simple, but the world of vanilla candles can actually be quite complex. While there is a time and a place for a drool-inducing birthday cake-scented candle, vanilla also plays well with woody, spicy notes like oak moss and tobacco. If floral, fruity scents like jasmine and plum are more your speed, there are also tons of vanilla candles that incorporate these combinations.

Candles can come in a variety of wax blends, and there is no credible evidence that burning any kind of candle is bad for your health, but some users still prefer options made from all-natural materials. If that's important to you, look for options made from vegetable or beeswax rather than the more common paraffin wax.

Finally, consider the size of your candle in relation to burn time. Larger candles with multiple wicks will generally have the longest burn time and be able to throw scent throughout larger spaces. Be sure check the brand's guidance on how long you can safely burn your candle continuously, and trim the wick regularly between uses (which can also help extend burn time).

Ready to turn your home into a delicious-smelling haven of vanilla scents? Here are the 10 best vanilla scented candles you can buy on Amazon.

1. A Vanilla Candle With Over 22,000 Fans On Amazon

It's safe to say that reviewers are obsessed with this vanilla candle from Lulu, which has an overall 4.5-star rating and more than 22,000 ratings on Amazon. This 6-ounce candle is made from eco-friendly soy wax with a 100% cotton wick, and it comes in a simple glass jar. While the exact burn time isn't listed, reviewers noted that these candles last for a long time. The vanilla-forward scent is enhanced with notes of tobacco and spice, making this a great year-round fragrance that won't smell overly sweet.

2. A Relaxing Lavender And Vanilla Aromatherapy Candle

This calming aromatherapy candle from Aubert & Amandine is scented with a blend of lavender and vanilla for the ultimate soothing atmosphere. The 5.5-ounce candle has a matte violet glass jar that comes with a wooden lid to help preserve its scent when it's not burning, and it has a burn time of up to 25 hours. It's made from a blend of vegetable and soy wax with a natural fiber wick that doesn't produce soot. As somewhat of a candle connoisseur, I'm obsessed with my Aubert & Amandine candles, especially for setting the mood during at-home yoga sessions

3. This Nostalgia-Inducing Birthday Cake Candle

This gift-worthy Birthday Party candle from Homesick will instantly bring you back to the cake-fueled birthday parties of your youth. This vanilla cake-scented candle is made from a hand-poured soy-wax blend with a cotton wick, and it comes in a minimalist glass jar that looks great in any home. This 13.75-ounce candle will burn for up to 80 hours with proper care and wick trimming, and if you give it as a gift, the box includes a blank space to add a personalized message. "I have had several candles by the Homesick collection and have given a couple as gifts," wrote one fan, "The amount of scent throw is spectacular."

4. A Sophisticated Vanilla Blend From A Cult-Favorite Candle Brand

The Prunus candle from Boy Smells blends soothing vanilla with fruity notes of yuzu, fig, and plum with musky oak moss, creating a truly sophisticated fragrance. It's made from an all-natural blend of coconut and beeswax with a braided cotton wick that won't produce soot. This 8.5-ounce candle can burn for up to 50 hours, and comes in a sleek black glass jar with a matte pink label. "This candle smelled very mossy (nice, like a rainy day) and tutti frutti (shoutout, Little Richard)," wrote one fan. Like all Boy Smells candles, this one is free from [pthalates phthalates] , parabens, and sulfates.

5. This $3 Candle That Reviewers Can't Stop Raving About

If you want a great vanilla candle that won't break the bank, then you need this $3 Glade jar candle. The 3.4-ounce candle comes in a glass jar, and reviewers noted that it has an impressively long burn time. The simple vanilla scent is infused with essential oils, and the candle is made from a synthetic wax blend — so while it's great for candle shoppers on a budget, it might not be the best choice for those looking for an all-natural option. This candle boasts almost 16,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers, many of which noted that works well for covering up other smells in your home.

5. A Petite Vanilla Bourbon Candle That's Perfect For Smaller Spaces

Voluspa candles are known for their high quality, and this petite bourbon and vanilla scented candle is no exception. The 4.5-ounce candle is made from Voluspa's proprietary coconut wax blend, has a natural fiber wick, and comes in a chic white tin that complements any space. Despite its smaller size, this candle will burn for up to 25 hours with proper wick trimming and care. "The actual candle smells amazing (very warm, cozy, sweet but not overpowering thanks to the more earthy/faintly smokey bourbon component)," wrote one fan of the scent.

6. A Cozy Cardamom Vanilla Candle That's Also Eco-Friendly

This warming Cardamom Vanilla candle from Broken Top is made with sustainability in mind. The brand is committed to using natural, organic, and recyclable materials in all of their candles, from their biodegradable soy wax blend to the reusable amber glass jar. This 9-ounce candle has a 50-hour burn time, a natural cotton wick, and is paraben-free and vegan-friendly.

7. This 3-Wick Candle That Can Burn For Over 100 Hours

This three-wick candle from Apotheke can burn for anywhere from 100 to 125 hours, so it's perfect for those who prefer not to replace their scented candles too often. The 32-ounce candle has notes of vanilla, tobacco, cognac, and anise to create a slightly smokey, luxurious fragrance, and it's made from a clean-burning soy wax blend with three cotton wicks. Since this candle is on the larger side, it's an excellent option for scenting large, airy rooms, and the frosted glass jar will match any decor.

9. A Minimalist Vanilla Candle That Comes In A Pretty White Jar

This vanilla cake-scented candle from La Jolie Muse is made from an all-natural wax blend that comes in a gorgeous minimalist white jar with a gold-toned lid. This candle has a natural cotton wick and will burn for up to 75 hours with proper trimming and care. "I didn’t even have the box opened and I was able to smell the vanilla cake scent," noted one reviewer. The candle's scent is surprisingly complex, with notes of musk, mimosa, and milk to round out the fragrance. This candle boasts over 1,500 perfect five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers.

10. A Luxe Vanilla-Forward Candle For The True Connoisseur

Cire Trudon has been making luxury candles since 1643, so it's safe to say that they know a thing or two about the craft. The Abd El Kader candle is inspired by the aromas of Moroccan mint tea, with base notes of vanilla lifted by floral and fruity jasmine, apple, lemon, and spearmint. This candle is made from a proprietary wax blend with a cotton wick, and comes in a gorgeous handcrafted Tuscan glass jar. If you're looking for a truly splurge-worthy candle, this is it. One fan raved, "One of the most interesting and fresh smelling candles I’ve purchased."