Young woman in neon red light during the May 2021 full blood moon, total lunar eclipse.

This Month’s Full Moon Will Cause Unexpected Changes For Every Sign

It’s a total eclipse of epic proportions.

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Every month, you can always rely on the full moon to unleash power and magic throughout the night sky. However, every once in a while, a total lunar eclipse (aka a blood moon) interrupts your usual lunar programming. Instead of a full moon — which radiates a soft, pearlescent glow — the light of a lunar eclipse burns in the color of a dark and ominous red (a la blood). Instead of the usual chaos that tends to arrive with a full moon, a lunar eclipse has the power to evoke abrupt and unexpected changes, changing the course of life as you know it. All of this may sound dramatic, but your May 2021 blood moon horoscope proves that the experience happens for a reason.

Roughly every six months, something called "eclipse season" begins. This is a short window of time in which at least one solar eclipse and one lunar eclipse will take place within the span of a few weeks. However, a lot can happen in a few weeks. In the case of eclipse season, it can result in major ramifications in your life and the lives of others.

An eclipse takes place when a full moon or a new moon activates the lunar nodes. In essence, the lunar nodes represent your ultimate destiny — the North Node represents the direction you're headed, and the South Node represents the energy you're moving away from. When this happens, significant changes tend to happen very fast. In fact, an eclipse has the potential to speed you up toward your inevitable fate.

The upcoming lunar eclipse, slated to take place on May 26 at 7:13 a.m. ET, rises in adventurous, open-minded, and free-spirited Sagittarius at 5 degrees. This particular eclipse is a continuation of the solar eclipse in Sagittarius that took place on Dec. 14, 2020. To get an even better understanding of what this eclipse means for you, think back to what was happening in your life back then. There's a strong chance that you'll receive answers to some of the questions you had at the time.

Every zodiac sign will feel the effects of this eclipse. However, if your birth chart happens to have planets in mutable signs (especially within 0 to 10 degrees), you'll feel its impact even more intensely. Here's what you can expect, based on your sun and rising sign:

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You may be seeing things from a new perspective. It's as if you're taking a step back and considering the whole view instead of obsessing over one tiny detail. New opportunities are aligning in your favor, however, you need to have an open mind about where you're headed next. Plans don't always pan out, so embrace spontaneous interventions.


The way you invest your time, energy, and emotion says so much about how your success develops. It's time to think about whether you're allocating your resources in a meaningful way. Take time to settle debts, make wise financial investments, and rethink the boundaries in your relationships. Allow change to spark a deeper transformation.


You're in the midst of so much unexpected change and it's encouraging you to grow as a person. However, there's a chance that some of your relationships aren't meant to take part in this next chapter of your life. If you find yourself saying "goodbye" to someone important, embrace the inevitability that you'll also be saying "hello" to someone new.


You may be blindsided by the realization that your daily routine and wellness habits aren't supporting your best self. It's time to rethink the way you commit to your day-to-day life. Reconsider your priorities such as your health, your work, and your overall perspective of your wellness. Take time to nurture yourself through practical action.

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You may feel a deeper desire to express yourself artistically. You may be embracing the fact that the fears and inhibitions preventing you from tapping into your creativity have no place in your future. It's time to make a more meaningful commitment to honoring your imagination and doing whatever it takes for you to feel the joy you deserve to feel.


Your personal life may absorbing shockwaves of change. These changes could rock your living situation as well as your family dynamic. However, the bottom line is that you're being encouraged to create the home you've always wanted to have. Infuse your life with the love, privacy, and sacredness that leaves you feeling safe and protected.


You may feel a desire to get something off your chest; to finally say what you've always wanted to say. You have a voice for a reason and that reason is to use it. Go forth with a courageous commitment to expressing your thoughts and ideas. However, remember to use your words to manifest your vision for a better reality.


You may be coming to terms with abrupt and meaningful changes in your finances. However, you may also be forced to reconsider the difference between what you want and what you need. You don't need materialistic things to prove you're successful and worthy of admiration. Set financial goals that reflect your deeper needs.

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Prepare for unexpected changes to occur in any aspect of your life. These changes may seem random at first, but they're ultimately designed to lure you out of your comfort zone and force you to embrace your ultimate destiny. Sometimes, the universe needs to intervene and place you on the path you're meant to embark on.


You may be parting ways with pain you've been harboring within. There's a strong chance you've been holding on to wounds from your past because you're only human. Now's the time to engage in the necessary therapy, healing, and spiritual rejuvenation that will set you free from these negative feelings. Set yourself free from your inner barriers.


You may be forced to think more carefully about whom you choose to spend time with. Your friends and associates have so much influence on who you become and it's time to choose your people more carefully. It may be time to work with likeminded individuals toward a common goal. You have the power to start a revolution if you want to.


Your career is experiencing a critical moment; you may be dealing with abrupt shifts in your professional trajectory that you weren't expecting. However, these changes are encouraging you to focus on career goals that are more in line with your dreams. Even if you feel far behind, trust that better opportunities are cooking up.

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