How the total lunar eclipse blood moon on May 26, 2021 will be the best for three zodiac signs.

This Year’s Blood Moon Will Actually Be Beneficial For 4 Zodiac Signs


If you're an eager student of astrology, you've probably heard all about the terror of eclipses. After all, eclipses can create abrupt and sudden changes that totally throw you for a loop. They can cause things to end out of nowhere, prompting new beginnings before you've even had time to make sense of things. It's true, eclipses are beyond intense, but did you know they can also encourage positive things to happen too? In fact, the May 2021 total lunar eclipse, aka super blood moon, will be the best for four zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. For them, the upcoming lunar eclipse may even instigate some exciting developments.

Taking place on May 26 at 7:13 a.m. ET, this blood moon — named after its crimson red color — rises in wild, untethered, and philosophical Sagittarius at 5 degrees. This is a zodiac sign that's always looking for freedom and shenanigans. However, sometimes Sagittarius fears commitment and craves a little chaos just when things were beginning to flow smoothly.

This lunar eclipse will encourage the collective to let go of the desire to look for mind-blowing experiences in the wrong places, asking them to instead embrace open-mindedness and keep an eye out for the deeper meanings behind everything. There's a difference between adventuring aimlessly and adventuring with purpose. Let Sagittarius help you become an explorer, but not necessarily an aimless explorer. Become an explorer who's searching for the truth.

However, sometimes an eclipse forces you to embrace change very quickly, and even exciting changes can feel difficult to process when they're happening so fast. Because this super blood moon — which is referred to as a supermoon because of its larger appearance due to its closer-than-normal proximity to Earth — will move over the South Node (the energy you're learning to purge and let go of), it may feel as though something is coming to an end. Luckily, an ending also paves the way for a new beginning, and if you're one of the following zodiac signs, you may love the direction you're heading toward.

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Aries: You're Embracing Adventure And Open-Mindedness

There are so many adventures and new experiences lying ahead. The universe is leading you down a new path, because there's a chance you haven't been looking at things with the right perspective. It may be time to take a step out of your norm and embrace an understanding of everything that may be contrary to what you thought you knew. Prepare for opportunities to explore the great beyond.

Leo: You're Tapping Into Your Creative Instincts

Your inner artist is being activated. There's a part of you that never stops wanting to be creative and never stops craving fun and pleasurable experiences. This lunar eclipse is encouraging you to remember what brings you the most joy in life. Not only should you remember it, but you should make it a central feature of your existence. Don't deny the part of you that wants color, music, and beauty.

Libra: You're Learning How To Use Your Voice

You've got many things to say and your mind is absorbing information like a sponge. However, just because you're intelligent doesn't necessarily mean you're doing anything significant with that intelligence. This lunar eclipse is encouraging you to sharpen your mental skills and to speak up when you have something important to say. You are just as worthy of intellectual validation as anyone else.

Aquarius: You're Seeing The Light And Reaching For The Stars

You have the power to change the world and it all begins with you. This lunar eclipse is encouraging you to rethink your vision not only for your future, but for the future of everyone you care about. This blood moon may even inspire you to connect with a community of people who shares your ideals and are willing to come together to help manifest your shared dream into reality.