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Embrace A Fresh Start, Because Aries Season Is Getting The Ball Rolling

Spring fever has never felt hotter. 🔥

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Get ready for an exciting new adventure, because the sun has officially entered Aries. This cardinal fire sign is famous for its daring, courageous, and impulsive blast of energy that always leaves you feeling undeterred. Aries trusts its gut and takes action, knowing that confidence will always pave the way for something brilliant. Your March 21, 2022 weekly horoscope is all about starting something new, because Aries season marks the beginning of spring, the season of rebirth and rejuvenation. Aries is also the first sign in the zodiac wheel, marking the beginning of what’s known as the “astrological new year”.

This is the perfect time to bring your boldest ideas into the foray. On March 21, clever Mercury will join forces with expansive and truth-seeking Jupiter in Pisces. This will get the ball rolling in your brain, encouraging you to discuss your brightest notions and expand upon the plans you’ve been cooking up. However, by March 22, the universe may throw some curveballs in your direction, because Mars — planet of combat — will square off with unpredictable Uranus. You may find yourself in conflict with something when you least expect it, so be extra mindful of how you react to when things go awry. You can’t control how you feel about a situation, but you can control how you choose to act on your emotions. Make sure to keep everyone’s best interests in mind.

By March 23, your psychic senses will flare up as Mercury — plant of communication — joins forces with spiritual and empathetic Neptune. This will strengthen the connection between your mind and your heart, opening you up to a brighter understanding of the world and a more compassionate connection with others. Your words have the power to hurt and heal, so keep that in mind as you express yourself. As Mercury forms a sextile with transformative Pluto on March 26, it will encourage you to embrace depth instead of pivoting to more superficial topics. Talk about what scares you and excites you at the same time.

By the end of the week, you’ll be in an even better position to embrace your desires and get motivated. On March 27, Mercury will enter passionate, driven, and competitive Aries, emphasizing everything this season is all about. It’s time to put your whole heart into something or not at all, because Aries settles for nothing less than the best.

Here’s what you can expect this week, according to your sun sign and/or rising sign:

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This week, you may feel drawn to your inner world. Your dreams may start feeling more vivid and something could tip off your psychic senses, bringing your intuition to life. Trust your gut feeling, because there’s a strong chance you’re onto something. However, take your time as you act on these feelings. Coming on too strong when you’re not ready may leave you feeling further behind than you were before. Take things slow, because there’s no need to push.


Your social life is surging with electricity, inspiring you to reach out and connect with the collective. People are chiming into your vibration and aligning with your values, and chances are, a team effort may be in the works. However, the pressure to succeed may leave you feeling too constricted, and if you’re not giving yourself the freedom you require, you may reach a breaking point. Stay true to yourself and don’t worry yourself with what others think.


Something incredible is brewing in your career and you’ve got all the ingredients for an irresistible potion. Trust your sense of urgency when it comes to your desire to succeed, because your instincts are powerful and right on the money. And if something seems off to you, trust your judgment. If you put yourself through something that doesn’t align with your values, it could leave you feeling disconnected. Don’t feel the pressured to buy into an idea that doesn’t agree with you.


You’re seeing the big picture and you’re embracing a perspective that makes the world feel so much more beautiful. If something resonates with you, hold it close, because you’re blasting through barriers that have held you back from a deeper truth. However, you may have a harder time protecting yourself from negative vibes this week, so remain mindful of your instincts when you feel defensive. Just because something feels like a threat doesn’t always mean that it is.

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Powerful truths may come to light this week. However, coming to terms with the truth when you’ve believed in a lie for so long is not always easy. Give yourself time to take it in, because this truth is about to set you free. Let go of what you thought and embrace what you know now. You may experience pushback from someone you work with this week, pushing your buttons. The way you approach the issue will say so much about what a worthy competitor you are.


This week, your relationships are taking a beautiful turn. Embrace love, empathy, and harmony as you nurture the new friendships you’re making and strengthen the ones you already have. You may even take things a step further in a romantic partnership, shining a light on your ability to connect on a deeper level. However, as you struggle to focus on your tasks this week, you may get distracted by spontaneous diversions. Things may not go to plan, so have a plan B at the ready.


You’re feeling inspired to refine your self-care routine and reenergize your productivity. This week, you may feel drawn to do things that nourish and replenish your body and wellbeing. The more you nurture yourself, the stronger you’ll feel. And although it may feel enticing to take a risk with your heart, it’s important that you keep safety in mind. If you’re placing your trust in someone who has not earned it, you may wish you hadn’t later. Give them a chance to prove themselves first.


You’re experiencing a creative resurgence this week, so surf these waves of artistic energy without hesitation. You’re feeling the urge to express yourself and to bring meaning to all of the feelings you’ve been containing. You’re not to be caged up right now, but set free. However, as you shake things up, you may feel the ripples of change flowing throughout your relationships. You’re exerting your freedom, but consider taking a measured approach.

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You’re nurturing the center of your universe this week, so start from the roots and work your way up. It may be tempting to push hard at achieving external success, but you’re realizing that internal validation stems much deeper than what the world sees and what the world thinks. At the end of the day, trust is all that matters. However, as you mind races this week, you may have trouble expressing yourself thoughtfully. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it.


This week, you’re bursting with incredible thoughts and even more fascinating things to say. You may even be diving into a new topic and learning everything there is to know. You might even catch up on some of those lingering emails. However, creativity flows when you embrace the chaos. This week, you’re learning that sometimes taking a risk is exactly what you need in order to blossom. Even if the result isn’t perfect, at least you know that you have what it takes.


This week, you might be embracing unexpected windfalls and tapping into a source of abundance that truly feels endless. You’re also pushing the limits and feeling ready to rev the engine on life. If someone (or something) is holding you back from who you want to become, you might feel ready to make a drastic decision and exert your boundaries. However, be prepared for what comes next, because it could mean that something significant in your life is about to change.


You’re tapping into your intellectual prowess this week and everyone is flocking to you just to hear what you’re saying. Utilize your ability to heal others by sharing your thoughts and listening in return. Believe in your ideas, because the universe is sending you so much insight. However, the secrets you’ve been keeping may be revealed as you accidentally spill one too many beans. Remember — some information is best kept confidential (at least until you’re ready to open up).