Young femme smiling, celebrating the best day in June 2021 for every zodiac sign.

This Is The 1 Day In June When Every Zodiac Sign Will Thrive

*Marks calendar.*

As the crisp air of spring begins to get more humid ahead of summer, Gemini season reminds you how important it is to go with the flow. There’s a reason why this season is positioned right before the summer solstice: It's asking that you keep in mind that everything is temporary, and to embrace the ebb and flow of life. Gemini season also asks that you improve your communication skills and fuel your curiosity by learning something new and exciting, but you first have to allow yourself to think outside the box. The best day in June 2021 for each zodiac sign will bring ease to your connections, and inspiration to any creative endeavors, making it easy to adapt to any new changes in direction as the first half of the year commences.

With a jam-packed social calendar and a list of classes and excursions you’re probably eager to embark on, June is going to be a very active month. In addition to the overall excitement, Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Pisces will be joining forces on June 3, bringing growth and unity to the forefront of your life. These are the two most abundant planets in astrology, and when they come together, they combine their significations for expansion, togetherness, and prosperity. Since Jupiter is in Pisces, one of the signs that it rules, it has all of the necessary resources to bring the manifestations of your heart’s desires into fruition. Venus is the planet of all things creative, so you can expect a surge of inspiration during this time, too. With so much lighthearted, airy energy present, the watery, intuitive energy of these two benefic planets will add compassion and emotional depth to all of your endeavors.

Every sign will be experiencing this energy in different places in their birth chart, so if you’re looking to know how to harness it, you’re in luck. Here’s why June 3, 2021 will be the best day this month for everyone:

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Aries: Your Inner World Is Getting Some Much-Needed Rejuvenation

As the zodiac sign that’s always on the go, the last few months have been especially busy for you. With Gemini season illuminating your third house of short travel, communication, and learning, you’ve been busy spreading your social wings. Come June 3, you’ll definitely want to slow down and lean into this water sign energy. Venus in Cancer in your fourth house of home and family will be conjoining with Jupiter in Pisces in your 12th house of isolation, prompting some peaceful inner attention. This a great day to pencil in some “me time,” or spend some time with your family. It’s also a reminder that breaks are necessary and can be so beneficial. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Taurus: Your Communicative Style Is Being Infused With Sensitivity And Intuition

While Gemini season’s been whipping your finances into shape, the trine between Venus and Jupiter on June 3 is all about refining your networking skills and your social life. Ever since Jupiter moved into Pisces on May 13, you’ve likely noticed some expansion in your friend groups, bringing some much-needed growth to your social calendar. With Venus in Cancer in your third house of communication joining forces with Jupiter on this special day, your thoughts and opinions will be sweet like honey. This is a perfect day to have important conversations, or send an important email. (Just be sure to double check for typos, because Mercury is still retrograde.)

Gemini: You’re Reaping The Fruits Of Your Labor Financially From Your Career

In the midst of your season, what better way to enjoy it than some well-deserved growth in your career? You’ve been working hard behind the scenes the last few months, and now is literally your time to shine. Not only is your first house of self getting lit up like a Christmas tree, Venus and Jupiter are aligning on June 3, bringing emphasis to your money and possessions, as well as your career and public image. June 3 is an excellent day to ask for a raise, launch a new project, or invest in your business. This month is all about personal growth for you, so be sure to bask in it.

Cancer: Your Spiritual Awakening Is Reaching Its Peak

With your season beginning soon, there’s been a desire to slowly but surely emerge out of your shell. On June 3, everyone around you will begin to notice the growth you’re experiencing. Venus traveling through your first house of self is bringing beauty, creativity and attention into your life, and Jupiter in Pisces is affirming it. Not only that, but Jupiter’s stay in your ninth house of spiritual growth and traveling is prompting an awakening of sorts. If you’ve been eyeing a yoga retreat or feeling inclined to enroll in a Reiki certification course, June 3 is the day to take the leap. Your horizons are broadening, and they look great on you.

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Leo: Taking A Deep Dive Inward Is Allowing You To Strengthen Your Boundaries

You’ve had a pretty busy 2021 so far, with your seventh house of relationships getting all the attention. You’ve been asked to evaluate your relationships and the boundaries (or lack thereof) in those unions, and on June 3, you’ll notice some peace of mind pertaining to your romantic endeavors. Jupiter traveling through your eighth house is bringing a sense of ease to reinforcing your boundaries in your relationships, and it’s strengthening your connections, as well as doing great things for your mental health. This chapter of your life is all about diving deep and evaluating your own cycles and patterns in order to live your best life.

Virgo: Your Relationships Are Becoming More Wholesome And Fulfilling

You’ve prioritized your health, wellness, and daily practices since 2021 began, but on June 3, your romantic and platonic relationships will be getting some much-needed love from Jupiter and Venus. This is a perfect time to socialize, accept date invites, and connect with friends you may have lost touch with in recent months. You’ve earned some downtime, and there’s a plethora of people in your life looking to get you out of the house. Your presence is needed in your social groups, and the time you’ve dedicated to improving yourself deserves to be shared with others.

Libra: Your Daily Routines And Habits Are Aligning With Your Career Goals

While Gemini season is illuminating the area of travel, higher knowledge, and belief systems, June 3 will be bringing some well-deserved growth in your career and daily habits. You’ve been striving to find a productive rhythm in your life, and when Venus and Jupiter join forces on this date, you’ll begin to notice things starting to fall into place. How you take care of your body on a daily basis reflects in the work that you do in your career, and you’ve finally found a routine that works for you. This is a great time to step back and enjoy how far you’ve come. Do something nice for yourself, because you’ve been working super hard.

Scorpio: Your Spiritual Growth Is Being Reflected In Your Creative Endeavors

Over the last few months, your fourth house of home and family has been coaxing you to do some organizing and restructuring, prompting you to lean into your private world. On June 3, however, Jupiter in Pisces traveling through your fifth house will join forces with Venus in Cancer in your ninth house, prompting you to stretch your creative muscles. The ninth house is all about your spiritual beliefs, so during this time you’ll likely feel inspired by your newfound ways of life, prompting you to create something that feels authentic to your current journey. This is a great time to take a trip with friends, test out a new art form, or even start a new spiritual hobby like yoga. Either way, June 3 will bring warmth and positivity into your world.

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Sagittarius: You’re Experiencing Expansion In Your Home And Family

Your home and family life are getting some love this month, with your ruling planet, Jupiter, traveling through your fourth house. Having your ruling planet travel through the other sign it rules can be highly beneficial, since it has access to the resources it needs in order to fully expand and bring abundance in your life. June 3 is an ideal time to relocate, redecorate, or spend time with family, especially with Jupiter connecting with Venus during this time. Unity, growth, and positivity surrounds your home base on this day, so be sure to soak it all in.

Capricorn: Communication In Your Romantic Relationships Is Improving

Over the last couple of months, you’ve been prioritizing getting your finances in check (and it comes as a surprise to no one). You’re always handling your business in a productive and efficient way, but on June 3, you’ll begin to notice some growth in your romantic endeavors. Communication is an essential part of any relationship, especially someone you spend so much time around. Jupiter traveling through your third house of communication and networking is bringing growth to Venus in Cancer in your seventh house, so allow yourself to really lean into this expansion. Use this time to have much-needed convos with your loved ones, or simply pencil in some quality time.

Aquarius: Your Money And Possessions Are Experiencing Growth and Expansion

You’ve had a pretty busy year so far, with Jupiter and Saturn traveling through your first house of self. You’ve been investing a lot of time in yourself, and it’s really beginning to show. On June 3, you’ll start to notice this growth spread to your money and resources, as Jupiter connects with Venus by trine, tying your second house of money and resources to your sixth house of work, daily routines, and habits. Your productivity has seen a major increase lately, and it’s beginning to become financially lucrative for you. As the untraditional sign of the zodiac, you tend to see money as a superficial construct, but you’re beginning to see the value in yourself and the work that you do. This time is perfect for restructuring your belief systems around money and raising your prices. You work hard, and you deserve to live comfortably.

Pisces: Personal Growth Is Here, And It’s Providing So Much Clarity

If you’ve been experiencing fogginess and uncertainty pertaining to your self-direction for quite some time, it’s because Neptune — planet of illusions, dystopia, and creativity — has been traveling through Pisces since 2012. Jupiter’s ingress into your first house on May 13 finally began broadening your horizons and fueling you with optimism about the future, and you’ll really start to notice this energy show up on June 3. Jupiter in Pisces will be getting some assistance from Venus in Cancer in your fifth house of creativity, adding a sense of pleasure and enjoyment to your overall attitude. During this time, it's best to reevaluate your direction before Jupiter stations retrograde on June 20. Between now and then, the growth you experience will feel like a breath of fresh air, so soak it all in.