May 13, 2021 Best Day For Pisces

May Will Be Exciting For Pisces, Especially On This 1 Day

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Despite Pisces season commencing back in March, May is bringing some of that energy back in the most refreshing way. You've been prioritizing your alone time and your mental health, and Taurus season is supporting this growth in a much more social and interactive way. With Taurus season illuminating your third house of communication, how you connect with others through shared interests is being highlighted, and your desire to share your dreams and ideals is finally getting the outlet it needs. As the adaptable and intuitive sign you are, you're all about spiritual and emotional growth, which is why May 13, 2021 will be the best day this month for Pisces. The growth that's taking place in the area of learning and communication will be accompanied by some love to your first house of self as well, so prepare for much more attention headed your way.

With your first house experiencing a long-term transit for about nine years (thanks, Neptune), you're no stranger to self-awareness. Neptune's illusive, foggy energy has likely made your personal journey feel a bit uncertain over the last several years, and there have been many highs and lows during this time. While this energy is on its way out (Neptune moves out of your first house on March 30, 2025), it's going to be temporarily accompanied by Jupiter, the abundant, optimistic planet that rules your sign. Jupiter will be temporarily dipping into Pisces on May 13, enhancing the qualities you naturally possess, and clarifying your personal path.


May 13, 2021 Will Be Abundant For Pisces

Since Jupiter is your ruling planet, its transition from Aquarius to Pisces will be monumental for you. Not only is Jupiter the planet that traditionally rules Pisces, but it'll be shifting into your first house. This planet embodies your compassionate, intuitive nature with ease, and its return to its home sign will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed. Neptune's journey through your first house has encouraged you to find the beauty in the murky unknown, but Jupiter's transition into your sign will offer you the ultimate amount of guidance and clarity that you've been looking for.

The transits through your 12th house of subconscious mind and mental health have laid the groundwork, and have allowed you to strengthen your boundaries and self-help practices. Much of your energy has been directed to deep inner work, and this emphasis will remain throughout 2021. Expect Jupiter's transition into your first house on May 13 to bring outward, noticeable growth, prompting you to align with your higher purpose, and connect you with like-minded individuals. As Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius beginning on June 21, however, the emphasis will return back to your 12th house, linking your outward journey with your inner journey. During this time, expect to be aligned with your higher purpose. It's been a roller coaster of emotions the last few years, so be sure to fully take advantage of this abundant new energy.

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