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Mercury Retrograde Is Ending, But These 3 Signs Will Still Have A Rough Month

Uh, is June over yet?

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As Gemini season comes to a close and Cancer season nears, not everyone will be eager for this shift. Not only will the sun be moving from the lighthearted, airy sign of Gemini into the emotionally charged waters of Cancer, but the summer solstice is also around the corner, meaning that we’re leaving the themes of spring behind us. The good thing is, Mercury retrograde is coming to an end on June 3, but we’re not out of the woods yet; there’s another retrograde happening the very next day on June 4, and it’s bound to make some waves. June 2022 will be the worst month for three zodiac signs for this very reason. But, hey, at least these transits are temporary.

On June 4, Saturn — the planet of boundaries and limitations — will station retrograde in the fixed air sign of Aquarius until Oct. 22. From now until then, everyone will be called to reconsider the structures and rules they’ve abided be, to see if any changes need to be made. Since this retrograde is taking place in a fixed sign, change may not be easy to implement right away, but this period will serve as a time to consider how certain boundaries have held you captive. If you’ve felt stagnant, now is the time to make some changes.

Things will take a major turn on June 21, when the sun steps into the cardinal water sign of Cancer, bringing emotional depth and a desire to be nurtured into the cosmos. Now is the time where everyone will collectively be seeking a safe place to call home, and will feel inclined to defend it at all costs. This is a time where actions will be motivated by your feels, so it’ll be important to find a balance between logic and emotion now.

Here’s why three signs will be having a more challenging time in June 2022 than others:

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Leo: You’re Entering A Period Of Deep Introspection

As the sun, aka your chart ruler, shifts into your 12th house on June 21, you’ll be called to do a deep dive regarding your mental health practices and routines. As your season nears, attention and acknowledgement are bound to come with it, but before you get there, there’s a few things you may have to handle within. Now is the time to rest and nurture yourself, even if it means drawing boundaries in your relationships with others. With Saturn also stationing retrograde in your seventh house this month, the shifts that are happening in June may feel uncomfortable at first, but they’re offering you an opportunity to finally put yourself first.

Capricorn: Your Relationship With Money And Resources Is Being Highlighted

On June 4, Saturn, your chart ruler, will station retrograde in your second house of finances, offering a period of revision and reflection when it comes to money matters until Oct. 22. You tend to be someone who exercises plenty of discipline over your possessions, but now is the time to reconsider how you’ve approached how you spend your time and money. Have you been limiting yourself so much that you haven’t given yourself a chance to enjoy the fruits of your labor? If so, now is the time to adjust the boundaries you’ve set here.

Aquarius: Now Is The Time To Consider How You’ve Been Holding Yourself Back

With Saturn stationing retrograde in your first house of identity this month, there will be a lot of emphasis around how you choose to express yourself. As a fixed sign ruled by the planet of boundaries, you have a tendency to sometimes stand in your own way, and as this retrograde takes place, it’s giving you the opportunity to assess the personal boundaries you’ve set for yourself. Are they allowing you to live in your authentic truth, or are they holding you back from being exactly who you are? Boundaries are important, but too many of them can hinder you. This month is the perfect time to experiment with personal freedom and liberation.

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