This Week’s Full Moon Is Asking That You Take A Much-Needed Rest

You don’t have to tell me twice.

The last couple lunations have been intense we’ve had back-to-back eclipses within the last month so the upcoming full moon in Capricorn on June 24 will be the first “regular” one since April 26. As Gemini season comes to an end, and we move into the summer months, Cancer season is encouraging you to initiate things that bring you emotional security and comfort in your life, even if it doesn’t propel you closer to your work-related ambitions. The spiritual meaning of the June 2021 full moon is all about reevaluating your relationship with productivity, and asking yourself whether you are making enough room in your life for emotional comfort and security, or putting it on hold for your goals.

The full “strawberry” moon in Capricorn on June 24 — the last supermoon of 2021 — is happening right after Mercury stations direct, so there’s likely a lot on your calendar that you’re eager to get started on. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, meaning that this energy is all about actively working toward productive, success-oriented ambitions. However, since Cancer season is representative of our emotions, this could be a time when you’re juggling between feeling all the feels and wanting to wipe away your tears and get to work. Full moons tend to bring up endings, culminations, and releasing things that no longer serve you, so this makes perfect sense.

In order to fully tap into the potential of this full moon, you must find a way to channel these energies in a way that’s balanced and supportive. Full moons happen in opposing signs for a reason wherever these two signs lie in your birth chart is where some sort of balance needs to take place. Be sure to check in with your Cancer/Capricorn houses to fully understand how to work with this energy.


The Spiritual Meaning of The June 2021 Full Moon Is About Rest

Capricorn is probably the most hard-working, ambitious sign of the zodiac. They’re constantly seeking ways to achieve new heights, because of their cardinal modality, and they have the stable earth element on their side in order to produce real results. While there may not seem like too many downsides to this, working yourself as hard as you can is just a recipe for burnout. Full moons tend to be a time for rest and relaxation, so don’t feel the need to necessarily do anything on June 24. If anything, this is a great time to reevaluate your relationship with work as a whole. Who gets to decide that you have to work 24/7 in order to be successful? Success is whatever you want it to be, so if that looks like prioritizing your family or your relationships, don’t feel guilty for doing that.

Capricorn is oftentimes a sign associated with capitalism, because as a society, we’re constantly pushed to work as hard as we can (even during a global pandemic). Capricorn energy tends to embody these workaholic qualities, which can be great for business endeavors, but not so great for your spiritual growth. The moon (the planet all about feels, home, and nourishment) is considered to be in its detriment in Capricorn for this very reason. Capricorn qualities don’t always support sitting with and understanding your feelings, but since this is a full moon, you’ll likely feel inclined to do so, so be sure to honor that. While every part of you may be eager to push your emotions aside for the sake of a business endeavor, be sure to check in with yourself to understand why you may be fighting so hard for these goals. Do they resonate with you on an emotional level, or are you just on autopilot? Be kind to yourself during this full moon, and celebrate the goals you’ve already achieved.