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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Be On Cloud 9 The Week Of July 5

It’ll be incredibly regenerating and motivating.

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Another week, another itinerary of astrological chaos to tend with. Except this time, the chaos is coinciding with some positive and exciting things. With the sun traveling through the psychic, intuitive, and emotional waters of Cancer, it’s spreading all sorts of magic throughout the zodiac. It only makes sense that those born under the influence of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces will have the best week of July 5, 2021, so get excited.

This week begins with a stimulating rush of energy as the sun forms a sextile with innovative and rebellious Uranus on July 5. This could lead to some exhilarating encounters and genius ideas as you embrace your authenticity more deeply. Don’t forget that Uranus is the planet of sudden changes and individuality.

Water signs will have much to look forward to when the new moon in Cancer sends its glory throughout the cosmos on July 9 at 9:16 a.m. ET. New moons are an opportunity to decompress, cleanse, and realign your spirit. It’s also a powerful time to start something new and plant the seed of something that has so much potential for growth. If you happen to be a water sign, you might find that this new moon is incredibly regenerating and motivating.

You may even start thinking more clearly as your mental gears start turning once Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — enters Cancer on July 11. You just endured an incredible Mercury retrograde in Gemini, and that’s officially ancient history. This shift will most likely help some of that brain fog clear away.

Here’s what water signs can expect:

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Cancer: You Might Be Embracing A Whole New You

There’s a lot of energy encouraging you to embrace growth and self-improvement, Cancer. Growth isn’t always easy, and sometimes, it can feel easier to remain a big fish in a small pond. However, taking a step out of your comfort zone almost always brings you the progress you’ve been dreaming about. It’s outside of your comfort zone that success happens, and this week, taking a chance on your own success could leave you feeling so proud of yourself. Remember, even small improvements are something to celebrate.

Scorpio: You’re Making Friends And Creating Memories

The universe is encouraging you to get out there and explore, Scorpio. The cosmos are lining up adventures left and right. However, the universe can set up one fabulously exciting opportunity after another, and unless you’re willing to take the next step, it won’t matter. Yes, sometimes adventure just happens to you. But most of the time, it’s up to you, the adventurer, to tap into your sense of spontaneity and exploration and create the adventure yourself. Get spirited away, Scorpio. You’ll make new friends and so many new memories.

Pisces: You’re Coming Up With So Many Creative Ideas

Your artistic senses are tingling, Pisces. Your modern planetary ruler, Neptune, is now retrograde, giving you a whole new perspective of everything and helping you access your imagination in a whole new way. Plus, Cancer season is tapping into your penchant for color, music, and poetry. This week, you may be encountering inspiration left and right, so don’t you dare ignore the calling of your muse. Letting this creative moment pass you by would be to waste all of the potential that has yet to come from it.