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Your January 9, 2023 Weekly Horoscope Is Bringing Major Heat

It’s time to kick things into overdrive.

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Can you believe the second week of 2023 is already here? It seems like just yesterday Christmas decorations were going up (this is your friendly reminder to take them down), and now the new year is in full swing. While time already seems to be flying, it’s about to kick into overdrive as Mars finally ends its retrograde and stations direct in Gemini this week. After retrograding through the cosmos since Oct. 30, conflict, confrontation, and initiative has been moving in slow-motion, and misunderstandings when it comes to communication has been a common occurrence. The good thing is, your January 9, 2023 horoscope is finally giving you the push you’ve been waiting for. But, while the boost in energy is bound to be refreshing, it may leave you feeling a little scatterbrained.

As the week begins, Venus in Aquarius will form a harmonious trine to Mars in Gemini on Jan. 9, adding heat to your connections and creative pursuits. Trines occur when two planets are in signs that share the same element, indicating a supportive and complementary relationship between the two: In this case, Venus in Aquarius is eager to explore unique dynamics in relationships, and Mars in Gemini is only adding fuel to the fire. Since Venus and Mars are both currently in air signs, everyone will be feeling eager to share their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives with others as a way to deepen relationships. (Your social calendar will be jam-packed.)

On Jan. 12, Mars will station direct in Gemini, bringing an end to the reviews and revisions you’ve been making in your Gemini-ruled house since Oct. 30 — especially since Mercury joined the party and stationed retrograde on Dec. 30. While Mars won’t officially leave this sign until March 26, you’ll finally begin to notice progress when it comes to the progression of your ideas and concepts in this area. You’ll also be able to communicate and address conflict in a way that’s constructive, instead of your words potentially backfiring.

Here’s what every sign can expect from this week’s astrology:

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Aries January 9, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

Here we go, Aries — this week, your chart ruler will finally station direct after a two-month long retrograde through your third house of thoughts and ideas. If you’ve found it challenging to initiate new endeavors and activities, prepare to be met with a surge in energy this week. Just be sure to take it one step at a time, since Mars is in the curious, mutable sign of Gemini. You’ll be eager to move in many different directions, so be mindful of potential burnout.

Taurus January 9, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

On Jan. 9, Venus (aka your chart ruler) will connect with Mars in Gemini, warming up your social life and conversations, particularly within your career and professional life. It’s a good day to discuss different ideas you have for work amongst your colleagues that could result in financial gain. This transit is also perfect for negotiating a raise at work, so don’t hesitate to use that charm of yours this week.

Gemini January 9, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

You can finally let out a sigh of relief, Gemini, because Mars is finally stationing direct in your first house of self this week. Over the last two months, you’ve been prompted to move at a slower pace, but on Jan. 12, your energy will finally be restored. Any personal projects or ideas you’ve put on the back burner will now progress rapidly, so prepare to have your hands full.

Cancer January 9, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

On Jan. 12, Mars will station direct in your 12th house of isolation and contemplation, bringing clarity to these topics. Since Oct. 30, you’ve been invited to do a deep dive inward to understand your habits and practices you tend to keep hidden, but this week, you’ll be able to effectively move forward after a period of review. It’s a great time to implement some new habits and actively break old, unhealthy ones. Stagnancy is officially coming to an end.

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Leo January 9, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

This week, Venus in Aquarius will form a trine to Mars in Gemini, enhancing your social interactions. It’s a good time to share your current thoughts and ideas with your peers, Leo, and trust me, they’re bound to be all ears. If you’ve been looking for new ways to expand your network, the astrology of this week is prompting you to go out and make some new connections. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation — you’ll definitely have a way with words during this transit.

Virgo January 9, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

Prepare for your career endeavors to skyrocket this week, Virgo, as Mars stations direct in your 10th house of career and public persona. Now is the time to act on the thoughts and ideas you’ve been ruminating over since Oct. 30 — just be mindful of moving too quickly. Since Mars is in the multi-faceted sign of Gemini, you’ve got an abundance of new ideas, and it may be difficult to stick with just one. It’s a good time to pace yourself, so that you can effectively make progress.

Libra January 9, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

This week, Venus, your chart ruler, will form a trine with Mars in Gemini, bringing heat to your romantic and creative affairs. Prepare for new perspectives to be introduced now, and don’t hesitate to share these views with the people around you. If you’ve been looking for ways to re-vamp the ways you experience pleasure, now is a great time to do so. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone this week, Libra.

Scorpio January 9, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

On Jan. 12, Mars, your chart ruler, will finally station direct in your eighth house of shared resources and secrets. If you’ve been reviewing and revising your finances over the last two months, expect to receive some clarity now about how to proceed. You’ve learned a lot about boundary-setting as of late, and now is a great time to implement them in your relationships.

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Sagittarius January 9, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

Your relationships are heating up this week, Sagittarius, as Mars stations direct in your seventh house of romantic partnerships. It’s a great time to engage in important conversations in your love life that you’ve been avoiding since the retrograde began. Conflict will now be easier to resolve, so don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

Capricorn January 9, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

This week, Mars will station direct in your sixth house of routines, work, and health, boosting your productivity levels. If you’ve been feeling unmotivated recently, expect your energy to be restored this week. Just be mindful of taking on too many tasks, Capricorn, you don’t want to disperse so much of your energy that you have none left.

Aquarius January 9, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

It’s a big week for your social life, Aquarius, as Venus in your first house forms a harmonious trine to Mars in Gemini. Speak your mind this week, even if its an unpopular opinion — trust me, it’s unlikely that you’ll be ruffling any feathers. Try to channel any excess mental energy into passion projects this week, you’re bound to feel pretty inspired.

Pisces January 9, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

As Mars stations direct in your fourth house of home and family this week, you’ll be feeling eager to engage in important conversations within your private world. If you’ve been struggling to resolve conflict amongst a roommate or relative, Mars stationing direct will allow you to address any issues with a clearer head. If you’ve been waiting on the right time to relocate or change homes, now is a good time to do so.