A group of friends pose for a group selfie as they consider their January 23, 2023 weekly horoscope.

Your January 23, 2023 Weekly Horoscope Will Have You Feeling Lovestruck

You’ll be getting bit by the love bug this week as Venus shifts into Pisces.

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If you’ve been voicing your unpopular opinions more than usual lately, it’s probably because Aquarius season has officially begun. While you’ll be continuing to wave your freak flag high this week, Venus will be shifting out of Aquarius and into Pisces, bringing romance, ideals, and optimism to the forefront when it comes to intimacy and connection. This energy is a different vibe than the detached energy of Aquarius, and highlights emotion, sympathy, and compassion, particularly in romantic relationships. Although you’ll still be encouraged to go against the grain in many ways, your January 23, 2023 weekly horoscope is bound to have you feeling lovestruck.

On Jan. 26, Venus will shift into the mutable, water sign of Pisces, highlighting selflessness and compassion in relationships. Venus is considered to be strongly dignified (aka exalted) in the sign of Pisces, since the objectives of Venus are firmly embraced and uplifted here. Expressing love and affection will become less about self-gratification and more about connecting with another person, regardless of the personal sacrifices that need to be made. Venus in Pisces encourages everyone to care for others without limits or bounds — which, while it sounds romantic, it can also come with challenges. Unconditional love isn’t always the fairytale it appears to be, and this week, every sign will be exploring where to draw the line.

Here’s what every sign can expect from this week’s astrology:

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Aries January 23, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

Venus shifts into your 12th house of introspection and isolation this week, prompting you to reconnect with self-love behind closed doors. As the action oriented sign of the zodiac, it’s not often that you give yourself a moment to stop and smell the roses, but Venus in Pisces is encouraging you to lean into life’s sweet, simple moments. If you tend to rush past moments of indulgence, this transit is giving you an opportunity to slow down and find the beauty in the unknown.

Taurus January 23, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

This week, Venus, your chart ruler, shifts into Pisces, bringing forth hopes, dreams, and ideals for your friends and social life. Now is a great time to envision the endless possibilities present within your community, Taurus — so don’t hesitate to shoot for the stars. No one can bring people together like you can, so be sure to use your ability to make new, genuine connections this week.

Gemini January 23, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

On Jan. 26, Venus shifts into your 10th house of career and public persona, inviting you to get creative within your profession. As the mutable, air sign of the zodiac, you’re always looking for new ways to express yourself, and as Venus travels through Pisces, you’ll be hit with a wave of new inspiration. It’s the perfect time to join forces with a coworker or colleague who shares the same vision as you, so don’t hesitate to collaborate with others.

Cancer January 23, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

As Venus shifts into Pisces this week, you’ll be eager to connect with different cultures and philosophies that expand your mind. As someone who tends to be a creature of habit, this transit is gently nudging you out of your comfort zone, so be sure to allow it to take you to new heights. Whether you take a trip, pick up a new book, or attend a yoga class with a friend, you’ll be experimenting with new lifestyles that highlight your desire to explore the world around you.

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Leo January 23, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

Your boundaries in relationships are being tested this week, Leo, as Venus shifts into your eighth house of shared resources. Be mindful of how much your affection and efforts are being reciprocated this week: This transit is bound to cloud your judgement when it comes to matters of the heart. While your compassion for others is admirable, don’t let others take advantage of your kindness. If your intuition is telling you that something’s up, it might be time to make some changes.

Virgo January 23, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

This week, Venus will shift into your seventh house of relationships, bringing connection, intimacy and idealism into your dynamics. As the logical sign of the zodiac, this transit is bound have you feeling a bit more out of touch with reality than usual, but it’s certain to benefit your partnerships. Don’t worry too much about things making sense right now, Virgo — sometimes matters of the heart aren’t meant to be picked apart.

Libra January 23, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

Your chart ruler, Venus, shifts into Pisces this week, highlighting pleasure, satisfaction, and ideals in your daily habits and routines. It’s a great time to reconnect with the little things that bring you pleasure, Libra, even if they aren’t realistic or long-term. While this transit isn’t incredibly productive, it’s providing you with an opportunity to enjoy things like grocery shopping, cooking, or taking care of your body.

Scorpio January 23, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

This week, Venus moves into your fifth house of pleasure and creativity, inviting you to indulge in activities that bring you satisfaction. As the more reserved water sign of the zodiac, you’re typically hesitant to let loose, but Venus in Pisces is encouraging you to express yourself in a way that is boundless and liberating. Whether you engage in a new romantic fling or take up an inspiring art class, this transit is all about enjoying yourself.

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Sagittarius January 23, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

This week, Venus will shift into your fourth house of home and family, encouraging you to actively connect and socialize with your family, roommates, or living partners. You’re someone who is deeply impacted by your home environment, and as Venus shifts into Pisces, you’ll be considering your ideal living arrangements. It’s a good time to redecorate or host a social gathering — anything that allows you to create closer bonds within your private world.

Capricorn January 23, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

On Jan. 26, Venus will shift into Pisces, prompting you to connect with the people around you through shared ideas, opinions, and perspectives. While you’re someone who typically maintains a firm grip on reality, this transit is inviting you to think outside the box. It’s a good time to journal, or share your views with your community. Use your imagination this week, Capricorn, and see where it takes you. You’ll definitely have a way with words this week, so be sure to use this to your advantage.

Aquarius January 23, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

As Venus shifts into Pisces this week, you’ll be prompted to indulge when it comes to your money and resources. Not only is it a good week to treat yourself, but it’s a great time to consider how you prioritize satisfaction in this area. Does enjoying the fruits of your labor look like taking yourself out to eat, or booking a spa day? However you choose to spend your resources, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth this week.