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January’s Full Moon Is Brimming With Mystical And Healing Energy

It will leave you feeling validated about all the many shades of your heart.

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When a full moon takes place, it often feels like a wave of emotional energy crashing over you. When you see the sky wearing the full moon like a pearl earring, you can’t deny the beauty and suspense it evokes. You may even feel it — that lunar frequency buzzing in the air. You might notice people driving more erratically. You might see a couple from your apartment building having an argument. However, you may also notice that music suddenly sounds more vibrant. You might even find a joke so funny that you fall out of your chair. You might even feel like crying. No matter what happens, a full moon emphasizes and amplifies it. And the upcoming January 2022 full moon in Cancer will feel like exactly the way a full moon *should* feel.

In astrology, a full moon is a moment of conflict, contention, and change. It always occurs at the moment the sun and moon form an exact opposition. Because the sun rules over your consciousness while moon rules over your subconsciousness, it has a tendency to bring awareness to your inner world, intensifying your desires, instincts, and emotions. As the full moon sheds light on your heart, it motivates you, enlightens you, and leaves you changed in some way.

Because the upcoming full moon (aka the Wolf Moon) takes place in Cancer — the zodiac sign that’s actually ruled by the moon — you’re about to experience the orb of night in all its glowing potential. That’s why it’s so great that it’s the first full moon of 2022. Here’s an astrological breakdown of how it could affect you:

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When Is The January 2022 Full "Wolf" Moon In Cancer?

The 2022 Wolf Moon takes place on Jan. 17 at 6:48 p.m. ET. And because this full moon takes in Cancer, it will impact those born with their sun, moon, or ascendant in Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn — aka the cardinal signs — the most. It will be an even more prominent experience if it’s near 27 degrees.

Either way, every zodiac sign will be affected in their own unique way, because this full moon in Cancer always has so much potential. After all, the moon feels right at home in this water sign, because Cancer is known for its empathy, compassion, and protection. When the moon is in Cancer, it tends to have that nourishing affect on your soul that leaves you feeling healed. And because this full moon forms a trine with spiritual and enchanting Neptune, it may induce a psychic premonition or a creative breakthrough. It could even lead to a major heart-to-heart with someone important.

However, opening up emotionally isn’t always a smooth process. In fact, it rarely ever is. This full moon is rife with contradiction and complexity, because this sweet full moon in Cancer is also shadowy Pluto, bringing some of your deepest desires to the surface. As you tap into your needs, the urgency to satisfy them will be difficult to resist. These desires may also be interwoven with your fears and there may even be moments where they’re at odds with a different part of yourself. Everyone has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, and during this full moon, you’re getting to know them both.

If you’re willing to acknowledge your darkness and your light during this full moon, it will leave you feeling validated about all the many shades of your heart. And ultimately, there’s nothing more healing than validation.

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