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Your Weekly Horoscope Will Help You Make It Through Mercury Retrograde In One Piece

What, like it’s hard?

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Lately, the energy has been slow, lethargic, and monotonous, proving that 2022 is off to a strange start. The year began with Venus retrograde continuing to complicate things, highlighting weak spots in your relationships and revealing the patterns you keep slipping back into. Now, Mercury retrograde has also joined in on the cosmic circus, increasing the likelihood of mistakes and malfunctions. As you try to move forward, it might feel like all this retrograde madness is standing in your way and deflating your motivation. Luckily, your January 17, 2022 weekly horoscope is here and it’s already getting the blood flowing.

You’ll notice the energy becoming more intense, profound, and even polarizing on Jan. 17. This is when the full moon in Cancer will rise, bringing you closer to your spirituality, your home, and your heart. The moon rules over Cancer and this cardinal water sign never fails to remind you how you feel underneath it all and what you care about when push comes to shove. Although this full moon may leave you feeling overwhelmed, it’s also revealing what really matters to you. Because this full moon will also opposite dark and twisted Pluto, it could expose a wide spectrum of emotion within you, because nothing is ever truly black or white.

By Jan. 18, Uranus — planet of radical and unexpected changes — will station direct after a retrograde that began almost six months ago. This transition will shake things up, because Uranus toned down its revolutionary instincts while retrograde. Now that Uranus is about to start moving unencumbered by the past, you can expect it to bring some twists and turns your way.

Aquarius season begins on Jan. 19, which will help you tap into your visionary side an embrace your authenticity. This fixed air sign will help you thrive as a member of your community and as an individual, showing you how your unique and irreplaceable gifts can be used to make the world a better place. Let this season remind you of your ability to whip up a crowd, open your heart to others, and lead a revolution.

Here’s how each zodiac sign can make the most of it:

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You may feel drawn to your roots this week. A full moon is brightening your sacred space, encouraging you to nurture your universe with rest, love, and comfort. Your sense of trust and safety is nonnegotiable, so don’t let anything obscure its importance. As Mercury retrograde continues to reveal misunderstandings amongst your social environment, you’re learning how to cooperate with others without losing yourself.


The conversations you’re having this week could have a profound impact on your reality. As the full moon inspires you to ask pressing questions, you’re discovering details that could bring vague ideas into focus. However, you should take your time before acting on your new intel, because Mercury retrograde could leave you feeling overambitious. Instead of making an impulsive move when adrenaline is high, take action when you’re calm and collected.


This week’s full moon could bring you back down to earth. As this week begins, you may feel encouraged to connect with what brings you stability and strength. Connect with sensual pleasures, set financial goals, and give yourself what you need in order to feel whole. However, Mercury retrograde may be tapping into your desire to throw caution to the wind. Cover your bases and prepare for rain, even if the forecast predicts sunny skies.


You’re coming to terms with all the ways you’re changing this week. As the full moon in Cancer showers your intuition with strength, you may feel bolder than usual and ready to stand on your own two feet. Placing your trust in others is nowhere near as powerful as placing it in yourself. Keep firm boundaries going forward, because Mercury retrograde is testing your limits and asking you to give too much away for free. Exercise your right to say “no”.

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You may feel somewhat disconnected from reality this week. After all, a full moon is brightening your inner world and making it feel far more vivid than everything else. Embrace it, because it’s during moments of reflection that you discover answers to your questions. However, you may also feel like something is off between you and someone else. Mercury retrograde is encouraging you to speak your mind, because neither of you can read each other’s.


This week, you may be in a sharing mood. You may also feel inspired to shift some of your priorities to a more community-based effort, bringing others along for the ride. This week’s full moon is encouraging togetherness and teamwork, so work with it. However, don’t stretch yourself too thin and don’t expect perfection. Mercury retrograde is disorganizing things at the moment, so embrace the fact that your best work may also be your biggest mess.


You’re being thrusted into the spotlight this week. As a full moon drags you out of your comfort zone and inspires you to compete for something that matters, you might need to work against something that’s holding you back. Embrace fear, because it’s also showing you where your courage lies. However, there’s a limit to the risks you should sake. Let the adrenaline motivate you, but that doesn’t mean you should keep chasing the high.


This week, you may find yourself at the helm of a new experience. As a full moon opens your mind and encourages you to see something differently, you’re realizing the world is much bigger than you initially imagined. There’s always something new to learn, and if you’re feeling bored with your reality, why not step out of it? Mercury retrograde is still shaking things up in your personal life, revealing how chaos doesn’t always have to be a drag. In fact, it can also be inspiring.

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You may feel like something is coming to an end this week. However, endings don’t have to feel like a loss, because this week’s full moon is giving you a taste of the power that arrives when you create space for something new. Remove some of the emotional and financial clutter in your life; you’re ready for the next journey. Embrace discomfort in your headspace, because change is always unsettling before it eventually just becomes your standard reality.


This week, you may feel more connected to another person. As a full moon brings your relationships to the surface, it will reveal where you stand with someone. It’s also revealing how you can forge more meaningful partnerships and embrace the benefits of mutual respect. However, as Mercury retrograde causes the stability in your life to falter, you may learn how you react when times are tough. Sometimes, the way you react makes all the difference.


You may feel more aware of your body and your needs this week. As a full moon brings awareness to the lapses in judgment that deplete your energy, you’re learning how to improve your understanding of self-care. You’re also learning how to reprioritize your daily routine, allowing you to become more productive. Mercury retrograde is stalling progress, so don’t give up. You may have a long road ahead, but the journey will go by faster than you think.


This week, you might feel a creative resurgence brewing deep in your soul. Let it all out, because this full moon is inspiring you to do whatever it takes to bring magic into your universe. Express yourself through creativity, fall madly in love, and set yourself free. As Mercury retrograde pulls you deeper into your imagination, your capacity to create art is currently at its peak. However, in order to harness it, you need to let go of your need for control.