How To Make Dunkin's Cookie Butter Latte At Home, According To TikTok

How To Make The Dunkin’ Cookie Butter Latte Recipe From TikTok

It claims to be a dupe of the popular new cold brew.

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This holiday season, Dunkin’ introduced the new Cookie Butter Cold Brew to their coffee menu, and it’s become an instant favorite. It’s made with cozy Christmas flavors like brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg, with a cookie butter cold foam topping and cookie butter crumbles. The rich, confectionary sip is a must-try before the holiday season flies by, and thanks to TikTok foodies, there are tons of methods for whipping up a version of it at home, whether you prefer it over ice or with hot, milky coffee. Here are all the steps and ingredients for making the Dunkin’ Cookie Butter Latte from TikTok yourself.

Cookies are pretty much a staple for the holiday season. You may love making gingerbread every year, baking soft shortbread, or experimenting with other TikTok recipes like Cake Mix cookies or Chai cookies. If you’ve ever tasted heavenly Speculoos cookies, you know they’re flavored with warm spices like cinnamon, cardamum, ginger, and caramel sugar. Cookie butter transforms those yummy cookies into a spreadable dream and is even swirled with actual cookie bits for added texture. The Dunkin’ drink brings these flavor notes to life, and in @alexandra_lourdess recipe for a Cookie Butter Latte on TikTok, she actually includes scoops of real Speculoos cookie butter in both the latte and cream topping elements, as well as wintery notes of white chocolate.


This Cookie Butter Latte recipe can be made hot or cold, requires a handful of ingredients, and an essential milk frother for whipping the cookie butter into a smooth drip. You can use this recipe as a base to customize the beverage too, by choosing different milks for added creaminess and sweetness, like oat or cashew milk, and incorporating bonus flavoring ideas such as vanilla extract, real brown sugar, melted white chocolate, and cinnamon sticks for garnish. You’ll definitely want to top this liquid cookie treat with crushed holiday biscuits, like the Speculoos cookies from Biscoff or leftover gingerbread cookies you may have recently baked. See below for the full, easy recipe to make a gourmet, home version of the Cookie Butter Latte.

How To Make The Cookie Butter Latte From TikTok


Here’s what you’ll need for the latte:

  • 1 tbsp cookie butter
  • 1/2 cup of hot coffee
  • 1/4 cup milk

Here’s what you’ll need for the cream:

  1. To start the latte, grab a mug and combine 1 tbsp of cookie butter with premade coffee with a milk frother, emulsifying and blending until smooth.
  2. In your serving cup, add your preferred milk first, then pour in the coffee mixture over the top. At this step, you can choose to make the cold or hot, by pouring the milk over ice in a tall glass or combining the warm elements in a mug.
  3. For the cream topping, in a separate mug, froth together the heavy cream, white chocolate sauce, remaining cookie butter, and sugar. Blend until smooth, thick, and creamy.
  4. In your serving cup, top the latte with the cookie butter cream, and garnish with a Biscoff cookie. Sip and enjoy.

This drink is practically begging you to sip it beside the fireplace while holiday movies run for hours in the background. It makes for a delicious dessert latte or adds a burst of warm, caffeinated sweetness for those gray December mornings. After you try the recipe out for yourself, you can get your loved ones hooked on the at-home hack too by making a DIY Cookie Butter Latte gift bundle, complete with a jar of cookie butter, white chocolate coffee syrup, and buttery Biscoff cookies. You may even pour out a mug for Santa on Dec. 24, as opposed to leaving out a plate of cookies — considering his extra long work hours delivering Christmas cheer, he may just need a sip of coffee instead.

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