Lunar Lovins
Miley Cyrus laying by the pool before singing about sex during a full moon.

Sex Under A Full Moon Can Be Wild — Here's How To Harness The Energy

Miley Cyrus knows the deal.

by Rosey Baker and Chelsea Jackson
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If full moons tend to make you feel out of sorts, you’re not alone. Full moons are one of the most impactful celestial bodies, mostly because la luna is the closest celestial body to Earth. That means you can feel the waxing and waning of the moon in a very literal sense — so much so, you may even feel physically unwell as a result. Since the moon also symbolizes your emotional state, full moons tend to bring emotional culminations to the forefront, prompting an uptick in erratic or impulsive behavior. As a result, this cosmic monthly event can not only have you in your feels, but it can cause a surge in sexual desire. Full moon sex, anyone? Unfortunately, full moons don’t guarantee that you’ll get lucky, but they do promise to keep you up all night.

In Miley Cyrus’ “You” off her eighth studio album, Endless Summer Vacation, she specifically calls out lunar lovins. “I wanna drive down to Texas, flip off my exes / Get kind of reckless and have wild, wild, wild sex under the moon.” And she’s right, having sex under the moon — particularly sex under a full moon — can be wild times three. When the moon is full, emotions tend to run very high, especially for someone like the Hannah Montana alum, who has a Scorpio moon in her birth chart. Full moons mark a time when you’re bound to feel fiery, amped up, and spontaneous, which means that timing your next intimate encounter during this astrological event could be worth your while.

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What Happens If You Have Sex On A Full Moon?

When a full moon occurs, romantic relationships do tend to be affected in pretty impactful ways. It can be a time of make-ups, breakups, and everything in between, based on where it’s taking place in your own birth chart. Full moons not only illuminate the sky, but they cast light upon emotions that have been hidden from sight, making this time of the month incredibly volatile and unpredictable. Fortunately for bedroom activities, full moons can amplify lust and sexual desire, depending on a few important factors.

The sign the moon is in and the astrological house in your birth chart that’s being lit up play major roles in how carnal you feel; you should also consider the sign of your natal moon to fully understand how you’ll be impacted. If you’re like the “Flowers” singer and have a Scorpio moon, you’re probably deeply connected to your sensual side, which means that full moons can turn your desires up more than a few notches. (See? “Wild, wild, wild.”) Aries moons, being that they’re already emotionally impulsive, are bound to be feeling even more dare-devilish during a full moon; Taurus moons, while normally slower to act, will definitely be feeling more reactive than usual as the moon brims with light.

Overall, having sex during a full moon is safe, and won’t create irreversible soul ties (but sex during your menstrual cycle is a different story). At most, your emotions are bound to be running high, causing sexual encounters to feel far more intense than they actually are, but what’s the harm in that? If anything, full moons can be the perfect time to explore your sexuality, especially if you normally feel bashful or nervous about embracing your inner freak. These lunations give you courage, so feel free to use the energy of the moon to slide into *that* person’s DMs. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

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