Here's Why You're More Likely To Get Laid During A Full Moon

by Alyssa Aparicio

My wildest nights have always seemed to coincide with the full moon. Especially when it comes to my most prized sexcapades. In my memories, there exists a montage of me, arching my back toward the sky in ecstasy, only to realize the shimmering full moon was showering her light upon me. It turns out there’s a very good reason for what felt like a personal wink from the universe: You're more likely to have sex during a full moon, and it's actually science.

From the Lunar Radiance consultations I offer, I've become familiar with both the scientific and spiritual aspects of this. I know this innate sense of excitement and awe women possess during the full moon actually aligns with what's going on for many of us hormonally. Recent studies show that more women ovulate during the full moon than at any other time. That's right, that means more women are simultaneously turned on AF at this time of the moonth.

For a menstruating woman with a regular cycle, ovulation means the time of the month when your egg is released and ripe for fertilizing. Our testosterone peaks during this time, which means our sex drives are through the roof. On top of that, estrogen also peaks, which naturally enhances our already wonderful feminine features. This has us looking and feeling fab as our body stands at attention, our skin glows, and our confidence rises. We become sharper with our words and ability to express. While fertile, our voice even becomes more pleasant to the ears.

Meanwhile, partner-attracting pheromones, indicating fertility, are seducing passersby subconsciously with a subtle, yet irresistible scent. Pair that with a dramatic increase in our likelihood to choose the freak 'em dress, and we are unstoppable in our pursuit of flirtation and fun.

If you too ovulate during the full or waxing moon, this is known as a "white moon cycle." If you're the reverse and ovulate during the new or waning moon, this is referred to as a "red moon cycle." Throughout our lives as women, we tend to alternate between white and red moon depending upon what we are being called to create in our lives in any given time period.

How Women Used To Ovulate

Before electricity, when days and nights were dictated by nature, not a reading lamp, we were more exposed to the natural rhythm of the moon. Generally, most women would bleed together at the new moon and ovulate together at the full moon, on a white moon cycle. As functional nutritionist and female hormone expert Alisa Vitti confirms,

"Historically this is down to the impact of light on the Earth and our bodies – the full moon is the Earth’s most fertile time because of the additional light received by plants when there is bright moonlight as well as sunlight, and this is why it is traditionally associated with the ovulation phase."

This alignment was said to possess a mothering energy indicating fertility that aligned with the peak fertility of earth itself. Today that could be interpreted as birthing a new project/new set of goals, or more literally as childbirth. Those who had a reverse, red moon cycle, were said to be the priestesses or healers who walked a different path, often looking after the menstruating women in their village during the new moon. After decades of being shunned for existing outside of pharmaceutical medicine, many women are feeling a strong call toward reclaiming alternative healing practices.

If You're On A White Moon Cycle (Period During New Moon)

If you're on a white moon cycle, then the full moon is a very satisfying time to get laid, yes, but remember that it is also the time you have the most likelihood of getting pregnant! So be very careful if that isn't your intention.

The best way to know whether you're fertile or not is to keep track of your cycle all month long. There are many non-obtrusive ways to track it, including apps that make your life easier. My favorite is My Moontime App. There are many benefits to keeping track, as there's so much you can learn about your strengths and weaknesses on any day of the month. Fertility tracking methods, including Daysy, tell you what days you're more likely to get pregnant and which you are not. Other great uses of your ovulatory phase include: scheduling dates, interviews, and speaking arrangements, as your charm is unparalleled.

If You're On A Red Moon Cycle (Period During Full Moon)

If you're on a red moon cycle, then you're menstruating with the full or waxing moon and ovulating with the new or waning moon. The full moon is always illuminating both the light and dark aspects of your life, beliefs, and behaviors. Use this as a time to look within and assess what experiences and beliefs about sensuality/sexuality you would like to reinforce and which you would like to let go of.

Be wary, as your desire climaxes, it may easily translate to desperation, depending on your relationship to your own sexuality and how deeply you believe that you depend on another pair of hands to satisfy your yearning.

What To Remember No Matter What Cycle You're On

All this overflowing desire makes the full moon a crucial time to dramatically up your sensual self-care. Regardless of when you're ovulating, this is of utmost importance. Intentionally delighting all five senses will elevate your mood and encourage you to inhabit the depths of yourself as a sensual being.

This could include taking long luxurious baths, buying yourself flowers, sipping on your favorite tea, carrying rose water to mist yourself throughout the day, and/or dancing sensually to your favorite sexy playlist. It is also the best time in your cycle to indulge in dark chocolate. (I know, right?)

Want to soar? Carve out extra time to gift yourself with a decadent orgasm in the morning to keep a smile on your face and an extra swing in your hips all day. If you're feeling shame in the self-pleasure department, now is the time to face that head on and do the inner work to let that sh*t go. A world of ecstasy awaits you.

There are many benefits of orgasms, including increasing the health and function of your feminine organs. Pleasure also floods your body with oxytocin, serotonin, and beta endorphins resulting in a wicked natural high.

So make good use of this time: get laid, get busy, get yourself off and give a whole new meaning to howling at the full moon.

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