Why October's Full Moon Could Bring You The Best Sex Of Your Life

VadimGuzhva / Fotolia

There's a full moon in Aries on Oct. 5, which means it's gonna be a f*cking rowdy one, kids. Full moons always get people a little jacked up, but this one in particular is going to be stirring the pot like your drunk uncle at a family reunion. People are going to be lashing out left-and-right like fish out of water, so now is the time to voice all your feelings if you've got any buried inside. This way, you'll have everything out in the air before the full moon comes, and you can channel that restless energy into more fun activities, like all-night sex. Turns out, full moon sex can be the best sex of your life.

This full moon is squaring Pluto, the planet of sex, death, transformation, and deeply buried feelings. I just recently went into what a square means in another article, but to a full moon, square Pluto can lead to compulsive and destructive behavior as deeply buried feeling are exposed and we are left to the devices of our baser instincts.

On the positive side though, there are plenty of beneficial aspects that make this full moon an opportunity to have the most transformative sex of your life, if you're up for it. Here's how.

Full Moons Dramatically Affect Our Relationships

All full moons have an amplifying effect on our romantic relationships, regardless of outside planetary influence. Full moons create many conflicting desires in us; you might feel restless and lose sleep around the full moon time, or you could want to curl up in your bed with your sweetie and not leave for three days. The moon is a planet of the subconscious, and like the tides, it has a sweeping effect on our emotional life. Dealing with the kinds of feelings a full moon brings up can be difficult to do alone, so whether you are single or attached, you might want to reach out and connect with someone close to you just to feel less alone.

Full moons are also a time for harvesting, for reaping the benefits of our actions and for pulling up and weeding out what doesn't work. Many relationships end on or around the full moon, but if it happens this way for you, it will be a relationship you'll be happy to be rid of. But if the relationship doesn't end, it will absolutely be affected by the overwhelming emotions the full moon brings up for both people involved.

Full Moon in Aries: Fighting for War, F*cking For Peace

Having a full moon in the sign of Aries makes this full moon an incredibly impulsive one. Aries is a sign that will jump into battle for anything or anyone they believe in, including themselves. Having the full moon in this sign means that not only will people be ready to throw down for their beliefs, it means they'll have little control over when it happens. Emotions are like that; they rarely make sense, and they seem to come out of nowhere.

Lucky for humanity, Aries is a sign that considers a passionate argument the perfect foreplay. So when everyone is done screaming at one another on Oct. 3, they'll be able to seamlessly transition from that "I hate you, you drive me crazy" energy into that "I love you, you drive me CRAZY" energy.

Venus Conjunct Mars: Planetary Viagra

When Venus and Mars are conjunct during a full moon, it makes the whole world #DTF. This planetary influence increases peoples desires for intimate relationships. During this time, you might find yourself and everyone around you driven by an intense need for sexual satisfaction, people get to be direct (maybe a little too direct) in their search for someone to bang. That said, this influence also infuses people with charisma and makes socializing with others more enjoyable and exciting.

When it comes to the bedroom, Venus conjunct Mars will put you and your partner on exactly the same page. There won't be a lot of clumsy bedroom talk, of fumbling around with getting your clothes off. You'll find that ripping each other's clothes off and getting down to business will be as close to the movies as you always imagined it could be, so turn down the lights, light a candle (if thats what you're into) and get ready for the...ahem, ride of your life. You'll be banging like it's your last night on earth.