Emily with the 'Emily in Paris' suitcase from Pierre Cadault, which you can buy from Shop The Scene....
You Can Buy The Emily In Paris Suitcase & Other Show Products IRL

I need some Pierre Cadault in my closet!

Carole Bethuel/Netflix
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By now, you’ve likely watched Emily in Paris Season 3 and are simultaneously searching the web for Season 4 theories while planning a rewatch from the very beginning. There’s no denying that the more time Emily Cooper spends in Paris, the more you want to visit. You’d love to walk the cobblestone streets while wearing fabulous outfits and snacking on chocolate croissants. While you may not be in Paris right now, you can shop the Emily in Paris suitcase along with other accessories from the show to live like Emily IRL.

You no longer have to be ringarde when you travel. The Pierre Cadault suitcase is just a click away as part of Shop The Scenes’ Emily in Paris collection. If you’ve ever watched a show and thought to yourself, “I want that ‘fit,” Shop The Scenes is making that possible. And let’s face it, there are so many moments where you’d love to snag whatever Emily is wearing on the show and add it to your closet or buy the products she’s pitching at work.

For the third season of Emily in Paris, Executive Producer Darren Star worked with Shop The Scenes “to bring the in-show brands to life.” That means you can finally own your own Pierre Cadault suitcase and drink Camille’s family champagne, Champére. If there’s something you see on screen, it’s likely available in the Emily in Paris collection, and here are 12 of the best finds.

Travel To Paris With A Pierre Cadault Suitcase

Planning to visit the Emily in Paris filming locations soon? Well, why not theme your suitcase to your adventure with this Pierre Cadault luggage? In Season 2, Emily ends up with the Pierre Cadault suitcase after a pitch and even uses it when she travels to Saint-Tropez. The best part of all is, just like the description says, “you won't have any problem locating your luggage!”

Go Over The Top With Pierre Cadault Home Decor

Match your Pierre Cadault luggage with a full Pierre Cadault wardrobe. The Shop The Scenes collection has a sweatshirt ($58) and sweatpants ($56) with his face on them. There’s even Pierre Cadault home decor like a pillow ($35), mug ($20), and blanket ($56). You could get cozy with Pierre for a rewatch of the series. Just don’t forget to snap a pic with your phone in a Pierre phone case ($20).

Lounge In Style With This Pierre Cadault Sweatshirt

This Pierre Cadault sweatshirt is very reminiscent of the scene from Season 1 where The Grey Space splatters paint on one of Pierre’s dresses that Emily is wearing. The line also has matching joggers ($56) for a full Pierre Cadault look. This loungewear can either be worn as you’re working from home or jet-setting to Paris.

Accessorize Your OOTD With A Pierre Cadault Necklace

Emily’s outfits are always accessorized from head to toe, so Shop The Scenes worked with actual jewelry designer Jennifer Miller to come up with this Pierre Cadault necklace. The 14K yellow gold–plated pavé necklace says j’adore, which means “I love” in French. Wear it with your most Emily-inspired outfit.

Never Go Out Of Style With This Pierre Cadault Clutch

Another way to make your OOTD more fashion forward is with a trendy bag. This pink acrylic clutch from the collection looks just like something Emily would wear with one of her most vibrant ‘fits. You could even attach an Eiffel Tower keychain to your bag like Emily does.

Enjoy Some Wine And Cheese With These Chez Lavaux Plates

Chez Lavaux is Gabriel’s restaurant in the series. While it may not exist IRL, these appetizer plates come engraved with the restaurant’s name on them so it looks like you bought them from your fave place in Paris. The small plates are perfect for a wine night with your besties, because they come with a wine holder built in. You could even sip on some champagne while rewatching Emily in Paris.

Make An Insta-Worthy Charcuterie Board With This Chez Lavaux Set

As an influencer with a growing fanbase, Emily knows a thing or two about making something Insta-worthy. Her and Gabriel could collab on a picture-perfect charcuterie board. If you’d like to try your hand at making a delicious spread, you can arrange some French cheese and meats on this Chez Lavaux board. Heck, you could even make an Emily in Paris butter board for TikTok.

Spray A Bottle Of Champére From Emily In Paris

Camille’s family’s champagne company becomes a client of Savoir in Season 2, and now you can drink some of the infamous sparkling wine yourself. This Champére bottle is perfect for sipping or spraying. Just don’t try to open it with a sword. If you do end up sipping it, you’ll taste the notes of pear, apple, and toasted brioche. It comes in packs of three, six, and 12, but doesn’t ship to every state.

Bring The Bubbly With This Champére Bottle Bag

If you’re bringing the champagne to your next party, you’ll want this Champére bottle bag. This is especially great for New Year’s Eve or if your drink of choice is a Kir Royale. You’ll always be ready for a sip. The single version comes in pink or back, while the double canvas bag ($48) comes in black, turquoise, or burgundy.

Take A Foodie Shot With These Emily In Paris Cookie Shots

To go with your champagne sips, get these Emily in Paris cookie shots. They come in either half dozen or a dozen and are ready to eat. You can throw a watch party and enjoy cookie shots. Just don’t forget to snap a selfie for the ‘Gram. It’s what Emily would do.

Show Your Support With This Agence Grateau Tee

After leaving Savoir, Sylvie starts a new agency named Agence Grateau. The Shop The Scenes collection features a few items from the new marketing agency like this simple tee. It would look great with this Pierre Cadault denim jacket ($188) on top.

Smell Like France’s Lavender Fields With Maison Lavaux Perfume

From the show, treat yourself to some perfume from Antoine’s company Maison Lavaux. In Season 3, they travel to Provence in France where Antoine announces a limited edition lavender fragrance. Now, you can own this special edition Lavande De Lavaux purple perfume that smells like lavender, jasmine petals, and cashmere woods.