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Emily In Paris Filming Locations To Visit Now That Season 3 Is Here

A trip to Paris is anything but ringard.

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Emily in Paris Season 3 is here. Whether you stayed up till midnight to marathon-watch or have plans to go through the season with your besties later, there’s no denying you can’t wait to see what new adventures (and clients) will be thrown Emily’s way. After watching her navigate and ultimately fall in love with “The City of Lights” in Season 1, you’ve also set your eyes on Paris as a future travel destination. Whether you’re planning for a more imminent trip or putting together a bucket list itinerary, you’ll want to visit a few of the Emily in Paris filming locations to really live like Emily does for a day.

In the series, Emily (played by Lily Collins) actually does a great job at being a tourist while also trying to blend in. One minute, she’s snapping photos in front of iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, and the next, she’s grabbing a bouquet of roses from a local florist. If you follow her lead, you’re sure to see plenty of what Paris has to offer. It may even be time to start thinking about a 2023 adventure after you’ve watched (and rewatched) Emily in Paris Season 3 a few times. For that, you just need to know what places you’d like to see in order to plan out your schedule and make your dreams of visiting Paris a reality.

If you’ve watched the show, you know that it can be a bit confusing for anyone new to find just what they’re looking for, so hopefully this map of 22 Emily in Paris locations helps. As you’re checking off each stop, feel free to snap tons of pictures just as Emily does. Get a Boomerang of you eating a delicious chocolate croissant or a selfie from your #RoomWithAView to post to Instagram. You could even recreate her entire IG feed or a few scenes from the series for a TikTok. You never know, you just may gain a bunch of new followers or inspire someone else to visit a few Emily in Paris locations as well.

La Maison Rose
2 Rue De L'abreuvoir, 75018 Paris, France
Visit the website

Emily can be spotted grabbing lunch throughout the city with her new bestie, Mindy Chen (played by Ashley Park). One of the most Insta-worthy spots is at La Maison Rose, which translates to the Pink House. That’s exactly what the restaurant looks like from the outside with its pale pink walls and green accent windows. It’s an adorable and picture-perfect place to stop at for brunch on your travels.


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