Emily (Lily Collins) snaps a picture of a model on the Pont Alexandre III bridge in Paris.
These Virtual Tours Of The 'Emily In Paris' Filming Locations Are So Dreamy

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You've been dreaming of taking a getaway to Paris ever since you marathon watched Emily in Paris on Netflix. Just like Emily, you want to snap cute selfies while sitting in cafés and grab a bouquet of pink roses on your daily walk through the city. Until you can safely make it overseas to turn that dream into reality, there are virtual tours of Emily in Paris filming locations that you can admire instead.

All from the comforts of your home, you could be wandering museums and landmarks that Emily visited in the show. With online tours and galleries to walkthrough videos on YouTube, it'll be like you're there in real life. The best part of all is that they're totally free, and you don't have to change out of your PJs in order to experience these wonderful sites. However, if you want to really enjoy Paris like Emily, put on your hot pink cardigan and silk neckerchief, and make sure you have a fresh chocolate croissant in hand (and maybe a glass of champagne if you're 21 or over).

Map out your perfect Paris day with any of these Emily in Paris filming locations. They are waiting for you with just a click of a button.

Walk Around Emily's Neighborhood Near Place de l’Estrapade

The first place Emily went when she arrived in Paris is her apartment. So, it makes perfect sense that this should be your first virtual stop as well.

According to IMDB, Emily's apartment is located in Place de l'Estrapade. Take a leisurely "stroll" around the quaint square via this YouTube video which shows fountains and nearby patisseries.

Head Over To The Savior Office In Place De Valois

After checking out her apartment, Emily's next stop was her office at Savoir. The fictional marketing firm is located in the real-life Place de Valois, which you can see in this virtual YouTube tour.

Not only does this video show you the Savoir front door, but the tour guide takes you on a walk to see the Bistrot Valois where Emily and her coworkers grabbed lunch. You'll also see Le Grand Véfour, where Emily mistakenly booked the wrong reservation date, and the park where she first met Mindy.

3. Visit The Eiffel Tower

Speaking of Mindy, you can't forget all the locations of Emily and Mindy's epic night out on the town. The Eiffel Tower played an important role in the background of some of their adorable selfies, so that should be next up on your list.

Of course, you can't go to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower — even virtually. Take in gorgeous 360-degree views of the city with the Eiffel Tower's official virtual tour, and enjoy a little history lesson on this iconic landmark, too.

Walk Around The Jardin Du Palais Royal

Another stop on Emily and Mindy's girls' night out was the Jardin du Palais Royal, which is also where this duo first met. There is where you'll find the Court of Honor with the black and white posts they sat on for a back-to-back selfie. Try to recreate your very own bestie pic at home, so you have some cool staycation photos from your virtual Paris visit.

Tour The Palais Garnier Like You're Going To The Ballet

Dress up for a virtual tour of the Palais Garnier. This is where Emily goes to the ballet and confronts Pierre Cadault. The opera house offers a virtual tour via Google Arts and Culture where you can experience a panoramic view from the stage.

Take A Stroll Along The Pont Alexandre III

If you're curious about the location of the "sexy or sexist" commercial filming, it was on the the Pont Alexandre III bridge over the beautiful Seine. With this video, you'll not only check out the views from above, but also take a look underneath the bridge. This bridge is so iconic that you've likely seen it in other TV shows, movies, and music videos before.

Visit The Van Gogh Exhibition At Atelier Des Lumières

Be inspired by Emily, Camille, and Gabriel's day date by virtually visiting the Atelier des Lumières. This is where you can find the van Gogh exhibition. Either check out some photos on the museum's website or take a stroll through the exhibit with a YouTube tour.

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