Emily (Lily Collins) and Mindy (Ashley Park) pose for a selfie in Paris at night.
8 'Emily In Paris'-Inspired IG Poses To Take With The Mindy To Your Emily

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The love triangle in Netflix's Emily in Paris is a hot topic of discussion, but the relationship you're really here for is the friendship between Emily and Mindy. You've watched their adorable girls' night out in Paris scene about a million times. That's where you can find some Emily in Paris Instagram poses for friends that you need to recreate with your best friend right now.

Emily's social media skills are on point. She knows how to creatively capture the moments that need to be remembered, and pairs them with the wittiest captions. That's why her following continues to grow throughout the show. Like Emily, you can rake in a ton of likes on your own Insta by planning a bestie photoshoot.

With your camera, try to recreate these eight Emily in Paris poses. Make sure to put on your cutest #OOTD. (Outfit changes are totally welcome.) Be inspired by Emily's fall coats, silk scarves, and hats for a super chic lewk. Snap a selfie of you and your BFF sharing food, Lady in the Tramp-style, or giving each other piggyback rides. Get a Boomerang of you doing the can-can like you're at the Moulin Rouge, or set up a self-timer for a back-to-back #twinning pose.

After going through your favorite photos from the shoot, post a photo dump with some Emily in Paris captions that are anything but basic.

The "I've Got Your Piggyback" Selfie

Your bestie is your number one support system, and that (quite literally) comes into play with this Instagram pose. Jump on your BFF's back for an adorable piggyback ride pic. While you're in the moment, capture a sweet selfie and maybe even a video for your Instagram Reels, set to your favorite song.

The "Can-Can Kickline" Boomerang

Yes, you can-can do this super cute pose. All you need to do is capture a Boomerang of you and your bestie doing a kick line like Emily and Mindy did in front of the Moulin Rouge on their night out. Since you're so in sync, you won't have a problem getting on the same foot.

The "'Lady And The Tramp'" Pose

This scene is very Lady and the Tramp-esque, and now it's your turn to try it with your bestie. Your first step is rounding up some food like a hot dog, spaghetti, or giant baguette. Then, take a bite from different ends at the same time, and snap away.

The "Poppin' Bottles" Plandid

Celebrate the good times with your bestie by poppin' a bottle of champagne (if you're 21 or up). This plandid pose shows off how carefree and fun it is to spend time with the PB to your J.

Simply set up your camera in video mode, and have fun dancing around with your fave bottle and some light-up Minnie Mouse headbands ($20, Amazon) that look like Emily and Mindy's. Then, screenshot your fave moments to post on your feed.

The "Back-To-Back Twinning" Pose

For this pic, stand or sit back-to-back and look over your shoulders at each other like Emily and Mindy did when they were giving Emily's Instagram one last night of fun. They happened to find black and white cylinders to sit on, but you can use cute ottomans or simply sit in the grass to recreate this snapshot. Cross your arms or legs the same way for an epic #twinning look.

The "Over The Shoulder" Pose

You'll need to set up a self-timer for this pose or get a third friend to help you out. With your backs facing the camera, turn to look over your shoulder for this fun snapshot. Link your arms like Emily and Mindy for an even cuter pic.

The "Don't Mind Us, Just Admiring The View" Pose

In the same position as the last pose, you can capture this sweet pic of you admiring the view together. This works best when you're looking out at something together like an iconic landmark. However, a gorgeous sunset from your backyard will work just as well.

The "Up, Up, And Away" Balloon Plandid

Blow up some colorful balloons for this whimsical Insta pose. Feel like a kid again as you capture plandids with your balloons blowing in the wind. It has a very Up vibe to it, so you can caption your favorite snap with a quote from the movie like, "Adventure is out there."

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