Emily (Lily Collins) sits in a cafe in Paris by herself with her phone.
7 'Emily In Paris' Instagram Poses You Can Recreate, Snap, Post, Repeat

Netflix's latest original series, Emily in Paris, will have you daydreaming about living in France, eating chocolate croissants, and falling in love. If you've marathon-watched all 10 episodes, you know Emily (played by Lily Collins) has a wardrobe you wish you had yourself, and a growing Insta account you'd love to emulate. Be excited, because we've put together all the Emily in Paris Instagram poses you can recreate at home.

At the beginning of the series, Emily has a small social media following that continues to grow throughout the show. It's all thanks to her cute snaps and clever captions. Sure, the beautiful Paris backdrop certainly helps, but you can capture similar pics wherever you are right now. It's all about being in the moment. Don't simply snap a picture of your breakfast, but get a cute Boomerang of you taking a big bite. Treat yourself to a fresh bouquet of flowers, and make sure to get a cute selfie while holding them.

If you try any of these seven Emily in Paris Instagram poses, you're sure to capture a pic that's ready to be posted. Add a quote from the series or one of Emily's actual captions that's used in the show. With all the likes you'll get, they might as well hire you at Savoir to be an influencer as well.

The "Room With A View" Pose

The first thing Emily does in her new apartment is take a selfie showing off the stunning view. Although you may not have Paris outside your window, you can snap a similar selfie showing off what you see.

Like Emily, you can wear a cozy flannel and a bold red lip. If you want to time it just right, wait to take your selfie at magic hour when the sunset is giving the sky a gorgeous glow. Make sure to use #roomwithaview in your caption.

The "Big Bite Boomerang" Pose

You haven't really had a croissant until you've savored a croissant in France. That's what Emily learned the minute she bit into her chocolate croissant. If you've ever tasted something so delicious you never wanted it to end, you know how she feels. That's why a picture tells a thousand words, so you can remember the delicious memories forever.

Prepare yourself some homemade treats or treat yourself to some delicious pastries from a local café. Then, get a Boomerang of yourself taking a big ole bite like Emily.

The "Everything's Coming Up Roses" Pose

It's refreshing to treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers every once in a while. Stop by a local florist or have some roses delivered straight to your door. Snap a selfie holding them just like Emily. You can even wear a vibrant #OOTD that perfectly coordinates with your blooms, and brew yourself a cup of coffee. Then, use #EverythingsComingUpRoses in your post.

The "Mon Amie" Pose

Love triangle aside, Emily is grateful to have a friend like Camille, just like you might be grateful to have a roomie you love. Snap a cute pic of you two hugging. Bonus points if you can wear matching silk scarves like Emily and Camille. Use Emily's caption, "With a little help from mon amie" to round out your post.

The "Berry Punny" Pose

Emily stood out among the influencers at the Durée party, because she knew how to have fun with her Insta posts. One way to show off your sense of humor is by using a punny caption. The next time you want to snap a foodie pic or Boomerang of you taking a bite, use a creative food pun like, "Berry hungry."

The "Girls' Night" Pose

When Emily thought she had to shut down her Insta account, she and Mindy decided to give it one last hurrah with a girls' night out. Plan a roomies' night in, and snap tons of cute candids. Play dress-up, dance around to your favorite songs, and make signature cocktails to sip. Go through your phone later to find some of the best pics to post in a photo dump.

The "Just Being Cozy" Pose

A super cozy pose you can recreate at home is the selfie Emily and Camille took together in the bed. Either capture a cozy selfie of you in your fave loungewear when you wake up in the morning, or make a comfy bed-like setup in your backyard. Set up an oasis with an outdoor blanket and tons of throw pillows. Create a relaxing vibe that looks like, well, "poetry."