Emily In Paris

These 'Emily In Paris' Memes Perfectly Capture The Chaos Of The Show

by Ani Bundel

Some of Netflix's biggest success stories have been the throwbacks. From the rom-com revival to totally '80s sci-fi, the streamer seems to hit a goldmine in programming that feels nostalgic for an easier time. The latest in Netflix's content that's reminiscent of previous-era programming is Emily In Paris — likely in large part because of its similarities to Sex and the City (1998-2004). However, a major benefit of modern times is the social media commentary that comes with each new show, and the Emily In Paris memes floating around Twitter make living in 2020 just a little bit easier.

Emily In Paris has a simple premise: A young, well-to-do woman lands her dream job in Paris, hijinks ensue. Created by Darren Star — the man behind the original Beverly Hills 90210, Younger, and, yes, Sex and the City — Emily In Paris is one part "single gal struggling to find love," one part "American Midwesterner discovers Europe," and one part workplace dramedy.

But fans don't care about all that. The plot is merely an excuse for Emily (Lily Collins) to walk around wearing fabulous fashion in photogenic settings while making eyes at the all-too-gorgeous Lucas Bravo, who plays her downstairs neighbor, Gabriel.

But Gabriel is only part of what fans are drooling over. His girlfriend on the show, Camille (Camille Razat), also caught a ton of eyes, specifically for her chemistry with Emily.

There's also Emily herself, who fans adore — and Emily's entire wardrobe, which is as chic as they come.

However, the outfits are a symbol of the problem many viewers have with Emily In Paris: The show just isn't believable. For example, Emily's Instagram, which supposedly makes her famous, is as basic as it comes. Luckily, most viewers are rolling with the ludicrousness of it all, chalking it up as part of the fun of watching the show.

Of course, a show with major fashion vibes like this one couldn't go without getting compared to The Devil Wears Prada — especially considering this Emily actually got to *go to Paris.*

The real magic of Emily in Paris is that, in a time when the coronavirus has U.S.-based fans in lockdown, this is a show that can whisk audiences away.

Clearly, fans are going to need more Emily In Paris — and soon.