Lucas Bravo as Gabriel in 'Emily in Paris'

Ooh La La, Gabriel From 'Emily In Paris' Speaks French IRL

Carole Bethuel/Netflix

Paris is known as the City of Love, so you can't have a show set there without at least a little romance. Netflix's latest series Emily in Paris more than delivers on that promise, giving its titular character plenty of love interests to choose from. One in particular — Emily's suave downstairs neighbor — has caught fans attention and left them wanting to know more about him and the actor behind the role. So, who plays Gabriel in Emily in Paris? Lucas Bravo is the real deal when it comes to French romance.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of Emily in Paris follow. In Emily in Paris, Emily (Lily Collins) moves to Paris for her dream job and gets swept up in the beauty of the city. She moves into a walk-up apartment and meets her neighbor, a chef named Gabriel (Bravo), when she repeatedly accidentally tries to go into his apartment instead of her own. (European floor-numbering is confusing!) It makes for an adorable meet-cute and starts Gabriel and Emily's relationship off in a very flirty way. But all of that is made complicated by the fact that Gabriel has a girlfriend who quickly becomes one of Emily's good friends.

Just like his character, Bravo is French. He was born in the south of France and now lives in Paris, although he also spends time in California too. Emily in Paris marks his first major American project after he appeared in the French movies Smart Ass and L'Equipe.

Bravo's Instagram is artfully curated and features photos of his life in both France and the U.S. There are, of course, a handful of posts devoted to Emily in Paris, and Bravo's IG story highlights include videos of him hanging out with the show's cast and crew.

Since Emily in Paris comes from Sex and the City creator Darren Star, it's already getting a lot of comparisons to the classic HBO series. It turns out, Bravo even turned to Sex and the City for a bit of inspiration for playing Gabriel.

"I was also a fan of [Sex and the City] growing up," Bravo told E! News. "I really loved Aidan [Shaw, played by John Corbett] — this kind of, you know, caveman making furniture. Since Gabriel is also crafty and is kind of down to Earth, I think I got inspired by Aiden."

You can watch Bravo in Season 1 of Emily in Paris on Netflix.