Emily from 'Emily in Paris' wears a hot pink pea coat and holds a coffee cup and bouquet of roses.
These 'Emily In Paris' Halloween Costume Ideas Are Incredibly Chic

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If you used to spend hours watching Sex and the City, or still rant about the chic outfit montage in The Devil Wears Prada, you're likely head over heels for Netflix's newest series, Emily in Paris. The show has no shortage of fashion-forward looks and romantic moments. Come Oct. 31, you'll want to pretend you're in each scene and take on one of these Emily in Paris Halloween costume ideas.

Each of these ideas is essentially one of Emily's outfits which you can recreate at home. They feature her spring green-colored jacket, her red beret, and even the flannel and white sneakers she wears upon arriving to Paris for her brand-new job at marketing firm Savoir. You'll want to take pictures in whichever you choose, while posing in a mirror and making a totally dramatic face — as if your boss just gave you a "look" or your cute neighbor just opened the door for the first time.

Although you may not have a Parisian backdrop to take these pics with, you can use Photoshop to add one. Of course, if you want to totally spice up these ideas, you can use cool transitions to create a montage of each outfit for a chic Halloween. As Emily says, "So many possibilities."

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The Flannel Outfit

You have to be comfy and cute when you're flying across the world, right? Emily clearly knows this, because she shows up to Paris in a flannel with rolled sleeves and a pair of jeans. She tops off this cool and authentic look with a pair of sneaks. It's her "start of an adventure" outfit, so it's instantly a notable one and should probably be worn while listening to the first season's soundtrack.

The Pink Coat Outfit

Emily's pink coat outfit, which she wears when she's hanging out with Gabriel's girlfriend, might give you all the Carrie Bradshaw vibes. (The show's creator, Darren Star, did also create Sex and the City, so it makes a lot of sense.) What makes this look modern, though, is the ponytail and the cup of coffee. (If you needed any validation that coffee can be an accessory — well, this look is it.)

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