Lily Collins and Ashley Park in 'Emily in Paris'

The 'Emily In Paris' Season 1 Soundtrack Will Transport You To France

Roger Do Minh/Netflix

In Netflix's latest rom-com series Emily in Paris, a young woman — the titular Emily (Lily Collins) — moves from Chicago to Paris when she gets her dream job promotion. Her life instantly becomes a whirlwind of sophisticated French soirees, mouth-watering meals, and moonlit walks along the Seine River. In other words, she begins to live a Parisian dream. The delightfully playful tone of the series helps to translate Emily's fantasy life to the screen, and a big part of that is the show's music. The Emily in Paris Season 1 soundtrack is filled with French songs that make you feel like you're right there in the City of Lights with Emily.

The Emily in Paris soundtrack provides the perfect introduction to French music for anyone who's inspired to follow Emily's lead and learn a bit about the culture. There are classics like Edith Piaf’s "La Vie en Rose," as well as modern bops from artists like La Femme and Husbands. No matter what, the songs do an amazing job of providing an emotional backdrop to all of Emily's ups and downs. Listening to any of them makes it easy to imagine you're off on your own Parisian adventure.

Check out the full list of songs from Emily in Paris below:

Stephanie Branchu/Netflix

Episode 101

  • “Ce Soir” by Kumisolo
  • “Lunatique” by Stereo Total
  • “Real Good Time” by Vincent Azevedo
  • “Au Jour d’hui” by Henning Specht
  • "Ce Sera Bien” by Jean-Michel et Françoise“
  • “Christine” by Junoire
  • “La Paix” by Barbagalloi
  • “After Glow” by Chelsea Jade`

Episode 102

  • “Dans La Radio (Futuro Pelo Remix)" by Jacques
  • “Je Suis (Tu Hais) by Kiz
  • "Where’s My Ego” by Husbands
  • “Loving Feeling” by French 79
  • “Dream” by Husbands
  • “Time” by Ella Harp
  • “Again” by the George Kaplan Conspiracy
  • “Bunga Bunga” by Nous Non Plus
  • “Standing in this Dream” by My Dear

Episode 103

  • “Magnifique” by Junoire
  • "Sauvages Et Candides” by Les Terribles
  • “Big Future” by Obliques
  • “Moon” by Kid Francescoli
  • “Vers Les Tombes” by Chevalrex
  • “Rouge Soleil” by Ravages

Episode 104

  • “Cyclop” by Exsonvaldes
  • “Banana Socks” by Bosco Rogers
  • “Pretty Boy” by Cavale
  • “Les Temos Es Bon” Isabelle Pierre

Episode 105

  • “Rendez Vous” by La Plage
  • “Beach Ball” by Bordo
  • “This Moment” by Nada Funk
  • “Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher” by Muguette
  • “Keep It Close To Me (Cyril Han Remix)” by Yumi Zouma
  • “Amour Dans Le Moto” La Femme

Episode 106

  • "Amour Secours” by Clare Manchon
  • "Je Ne Te Quitte Pas” by Fred Nevché

Episode 107

  • "Goodnight Little Empire” by Madonnatron
  • “Mister Syncope” by Bikini Machine
  • “L’Amour Le Jour” by Le Couleur
  • “Social Mask (Thirty's Remix)" by Alif Tree
  • “Hit Sale (feat. Romeo Elvis” by Therapie TAXI
  • "Paris Boogie” by HMCee Da Duke
  • "La Route" by Junoire

Episode 108

  • “Le Zou” by Hyperclean
  • “Yéyé St. Tropez” by Etienne Charry & Claire Marchelle
  • “Paris Tropical” by Minuit
  • “Une Evasion” by Laure Briard
  • “Viens La” by Clare Manchon

Episode 109

  • “Cest Sit Bon” by Eartha Kitt
  • "Freestyle #7 (feat. Gaiden & Yoshi)” by Hugo Delire
  • “Feel” by Tony Romera
  • “Lets Go To Work” by Electro Deluxe
  • “Atrocities” by Antony and the Johnsons
  • “Bad Dreams” by John and The Volta

Episode 110

  • “Jackhammer” by Dmitiri Belichenko
  • “Burst Into Flames” by Cavale
  • “De Profundos (Ni Fleurs Ni Couronnes)” by Delphine Volange
  • “Non Je Ne Regrette Rien” by Edith Piaf

You can watch all of Season 1 of Emily in Paris on Netflix now.