Lily Collins in 'Emily in Paris'

'Emily In Paris' Is The New Netflix Show Twitter Loves To Hate

Stephanie Branchu/Netflix

In Netflix's Emily in Paris, the title character is a social media expert whose Parisian Instagram gains a massive following. Now, audiences seem to be taking a cue from Emily and turning to social media for all their thoughts about the new series — both the good and the bad ones. Seriously, the tweets about Emily in Paris reveal a wide range of opinions on the show.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of Emily in Paris follow. Emily in Paris follows American marketing exec Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) as she navigates foreign life in Paris and embarks on adventures straight out of a brightly colored fantasy. The series comes from Darren Star, who made other lighthearted shows like Sex and the City and Younger, so it's no surprise Emily in Paris is filled with whimsy. It definitely leans more toward the unrealistic side of things, and that's something that fans either love or hate. But no matter which side of the baguette fans fall on, one thing is true: They can't stop talking about it. From jokes about Emily's career to photos of her designer outfits to thirsty tweets about her many love interests, fans have *a lot* to say about Emily in Paris on Twitter.

Critics of Emily in Paris tend to take issue with one major aspect of the show: most (if not all) of the storylines seem fundamentally unrealistic. The ridiculous ways Emily runs her social media accounts (like, how she's an expert with fewer than 50 followers at the start of the series), and the questionable French stereotypes of many of the Parisian characters are giving a lot of fans pause.

No matter how unrealistic the show is, fans do seem to be uniting over their love for Emily's main love interest, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo). You can practically feel the steam coming off these tweets.

And then, of course, there are all the Parisian looks. Since the cast of Emily in Paris was dressed by Sex and the City costume designer Patricia Field, it's no surprise that each scene features an eye-catching 'fit.

Honestly, even the naysayers are holding out hope the show will get a Season 2, if only so they can take in more of the aspects they love to hate.

You can watch all of Season 1 of Emily in Paris on Netflix now.