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Elite Daily Newsletter: September 29, 2022

Tristan proposed to Khloé before his paternity scandal, Emrata might be dating this A-list actor, and more.

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Tristan Proposed To Khloé Before His Paternity Scandal

Ugh, poor Khloé” is basically the one thought that has been running through my head as I keep up with this season of The Kardashians. Because truly, she has been through a lot. And in the most recent ep, she and Kim talk about a surprising little twist: the fact that Tristan proposed last December. And what’s even more surprising is that Khloé basically kept that a secret from her family. READ MORE

Wait, Are Brad Pitt And Emily Ratajkowski Dating?!

OK, here is a celeb couple that I certainly did not see coming: Emrata and Britt. (What!? That’s how you Emrata-fy his name IMO). According to insiders, they started seeing each other in late August, and they’ve reportedly been “spending a lot of time together.” Let’s compile the evidence and watch this unfold, shall we? READ MORE


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Demi Lovato And Ashlee Simpson Duet An Absolute Classic

Hello, was there a more certifiable bop from Ashlee Simpson’s debut album, Autobiography, than “La La?” Sources say no (it’s me, I’m sources). Recently Simpson joined Demi Lovato onstage during Lovato’s Holy Fvck tour to perform a mashup of their songs, and it is pure mid-2000s perfection. READ MORE

For Some Reason, Shaq Weighed In On Adam Levine’s Cheating Scandal

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