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Elite Daily Newsletter: October 24, 2022

This week's horoscope is actually pretty spooky, Travis Scott addressed cheating rumors, and more.

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This Week’s Horoscope Is *Actually* Pretty Spooky

Ah, we have officially entered Scorpio season, so break out the red wine, try a love spell, and cultivate an aura of mystery by leaving everyone on read. This week will be an emotional roller coaster, but don’t worry, darlings — resolving stagnant emotions is bound to propel you forward. READ MORE

Travis Scott Addressed Those Viral Cheating Rumors

The rapper is at the center of a rumored cheating scandal, and it’s taking over my FYP. It all started when Instagram model Rojean Kar (Scott’s reported ex) posted an IG story from the set of one of his music videos — and things only got messier from there. READ MORE


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