a young woman making the most of Nov. 11, a day with spiritual significance

Elite Daily Newsletter: November 8, 2022

Advice on dealing with messy breakup struggles, making the most of lucky 11/11, and more.

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I Hooked Up With My BF’s Friend & Fell In Love. Now What?

Toxic relationships are… complicated, and no one comes out completely unscathed. Cheating can be just one painful piece of the puzzle. But what are you supposed to do once the deed is done? Our advice columnist Hannah Orenstein weighs in on how to leave a messy situation as cleanly as possible. READ MORE

You Should *Definitely* Plan To Make A Wish On 11/11

November 11 (aka 11/11) is just around the corner, so don’t miss out on a once-in-a-year opportunity. According to astrologer Chelsea Jackson, the spiritual meaning of 11/11 is all about setting intentions — but whether you decide to journal or speak them into existence is up to you. Your best bet? Start planning out your 11/11 wishlist now. The universe is listening. READ MORE


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